Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cover: Turner Field

Time for another Facebook Cover Photo! This one is of gigantic baseballs that line the plaza immediately in front of Turner Field...the field that was converted from our 1996 Centennial Olympic Stadium to Turner Field—Home of the Atlanta Braves.

Baseballs Aligning Plaza in Front of Turner Field
Baseballs Aligning Plaza in Front of Turner Field

The conversion was brilliant! Unlike so many other cities that host the Olympic Games, we didn't end up with a multi-million dollar stadium sitting unused because no one could fill it. Instead, the converted stadium is regularly packed out for home games and often used for charity walks and other activities.

And they give a fantastic behind-the-scenes tour, which includes visits to the Atlanta Braves Museum & Hall of Fame, press box, locker room, dugout, and even onto the field!

Often on Friday night home games, they'll have a post-game fireworks display. But I'll save that for another Cover Photo.


Kurt Smith said...

They did do a marvelous job converting an Olympic stadium into a fine ballpark, taking the space covered my half of the stadium and turning it into Monument Grove.

That was a great deal for Atlanta, most of the tab was picked up by Olympic sponsors.

As you said, some cities have an unused stadium now after hosting the Olympics...Montreal is the best example.

Travis Swann Taylor said...

You're right Kurt! I think every city ends up with residual effects that they didn't want or hadn't planned for, but I think Atlanta has done a great post-Olympics job. Yes, there are venues outside the city that were left to crumble, but in the overall scope, they did good.