Monday, July 9, 2012

Inside the Fireworks!

July 4th Fireworks at Centennial Olympic Park
July 4th Fireworks
at Centennial Olympic Park
This was one of the absolute best Independence Days ever! And to top it all off, I got to practically be "inside" the fireworks that evening!

One of my dearest friends—we think it's been 17 years or so—recently purchased a penthouse at Museum Tower. Museum Tower is at the northeast corner of Centennial Olympic Park and next to World of Coca-Cola. Imagine It is at the ground level.

So, for the 4th of July, he treated us (there were four total in our clan) to a catered, rooftop pool party and viewing of the Fireworks!

We started with a nice bottle of wine in the penthouse, which overlooks north downtown and can see Stone Mountain and Kennesaw Mountain from there! The view is spectacular.

We went to the rooftop where we had a practically 360 degree view—amazing! And we were directly, and I mean "directly", above where the majority of the fireworks would be going off.

Fireworks pre-show
Fireworks pre-show
One friend and I had been down there before heading upstairs and one of the security guards, when I was trying to make a photo of the pre-show fireworks, insisted I move along. "They could go off any minute," she said. True or not, that was plenty to have me on my way...but it was still pretty cool to see them up close like that.

There were thousands and thousands and thousands of people there. They totally filled up Centennial Olympic Park, even all the way to the southern most edges. And Pemberton Place, between World of Coca-Cola and Georgia Aquarium, was practically filled.

The stage performances looked like they were enjoyed by those in the Park. The only song I could make out was the Star-Spangled Banner, for which we of course paused.

Centennial Olympic Park July 4th Crowds
Centennial Olympic Park
July 4th Crowds
The fireworks started and a hush fell over the rooftop. Cameras and cell phones were just as ablaze as the night sky and there were thousands of flashes going off in the crowd below.

We were so close to the fireworks that shards of paper floated onto the rooftop. I believe one shard in particular will end up in one of my friend's scrapbook...but there are photos that cataloged its existence should it have not made it to scrap-booking.

The fireworks themselves made traditional patterns, nothing too complex, but the colors were fantastic and the amount of fireworks was impressive.

I've seen fireworks from the lawn of our Nation's Capitol, from the stadium at Turner Field, and even in other parts of the world, but I would love for this experience to become an annual tradition (hint, hint) was certainly a unique and wonderful way to experience Atlanta's fireworks.

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Independence Day Fireworks
Centennial Olympic Park

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