Monday, December 31, 2018

wanderlust ATLANTA's 2018 Photo Review

I believe 2018 was challenging for many in many ways, but also there were milestones, joyous events, and many reasons to celebrate. I'd like to focus on the positive...

Photography Workshop at Historic Oakland Cemetery

Since starting wanderlust ATLANTA in 2010, my favorite time of year for writing is my end-of-year recap because it's such a fun ride down memory lane and a reminder of how fortunate I am to be able to see and do so much. I'm grateful to the friends who've accompanied me in-person and fans're all the reason I do this!

First, a quick summary of a few things that I did/happened to me in 2018 and then let's have a look at photos from 2018...
  • I'm going to be an author! I inked a deal to author--and do the photography for--111 Places' Atlanta book! It's a dream come true!
  • Completed a full year on the Board of Directors at Horizon Theatre before stepping off to fully focus on my book. "Thank you!" to Lisa and Jeff Adler, all the Horizon staff, and a phenomenal Apprentice Company for a wonderful experience!
  • I got to be a panelist at a program for future bloggers and social media influencers through the Association of Food Bloggers.
  • An awesome interview with totally awesome Jennifer Alice Acker, who got married in 2018! "Congratulations, Jen and Brandon!"
  • An interview with Atlanta Rollergirls not long after my very first, incredibly exciting roller derby bout! A double-bout, at that!
  • An interview with celebrity chef and author Hugh Acheson! I've been a fan for years and was grateful for this interview. Also dined at one of his restaurants in Athens!
  • An interview with George N. Koulouris, owner of Grecian Gyro!
It was a fun year!

The Ballad of Klook and Vinette

My friend Elisa and I went to see "The Ballad of Klook and Vinette" at Horizon theatre starring the incredibly talented Brittany Inge!

Senoia Area Historical Society Museum

Make your way to Senoia, Georgia, and be sure to include a visit to the Senoia Area Historical Society Museum

Orchid Daze 2018

One of my favorite annual events at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is Orchid Daze, a beautiful reason to visit the garden in winter!

Hardman Farm State Historic Site

I highly recommend a visit to Hardman Farm State Historic Site for some fascinating history, historic homes and buildings, Indian mounds, and a lovely estate. It's just before Helen, Georgia, so make it a double-destination trip!

Georgia Renaissance Festival

This was my second year attending the Georgia Renaissance Festival...soooo much fun! Be sure to catch a performance by the Washing Well Wenches!

Duck Confit Flatbread at 5Church Atlanta

5Church Atlanta continues to be my favorite restaurant and my favorite dish: the Duck Confit Flatbread, although steaks are amazing and brunch is phenomenal!

Texas Locomotive

Seeing the Texas Locomotive fully restored (now on exhibit) was exciting and getting a behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta Cyclorama during restoration was fascinating!

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time at the Atlanta Botanical Garden far surpassed anything I could have imagined! It'll be back next year, too, with new installations!

Atlanta Blooms! 2018

Tulips are my favorite flow so a visit (or several) to "Atlanta Blooms!" at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is an annual must-do.

NEUVOlution: Latinos and the New South

The Atlanta tourism landscape, in my humble opinion, doesn't give enough attention to how much Latino culture has shaped our international city. I was excited to see NEUVOlution: Latinos and the New South exhibition at the Atlanta History Center. 

Zoo Atlanta

I've been to Zoo Atlanta countless times, but this year I became a member! 

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones had been on my list of places to visit for years and I finally made the trek with my friend Wayne. In one word...fascinating!

Grecian Gyro

Many know of my love for Greek food, so dining at and interviewing the owner of Grecian Gyro was awesome! Can hardly wait to go again!

Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Visiting Watson Mill Bridge State Park was wonderful. The bridge was built in 1895 not using a single nail and it's still in use today!

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Tour

Early in the year I went on a tour of Mercedes-Benz Stadium with my friend Lauralyn and her husband Leo. Even if you've been here for a game, go on this grand tour!

Interview with Chef Hugh Acheson

Went to Athens, Georgia, specifically to dine at The National, one of Hugh Acheson's restaurants, and he granted me an interview!

Big Bird

Carroll Spinney, who acted Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, announced his retirement from Sesame Street this year. Fortunately for those living in and visiting Atlanta, we can see Big Bird and Oscar anytime at the Center for Puppetry Arts.

The Peace Tree at the Atlanta History Center

Every spring should include an exploration of the gardens at the Atlanta History Center. There are surprises around every corner!

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour

The Fox Theatre introduced a new and improved Ghost Tour this year!

Scarecrows in the Garden 2018

Great fun for kids and grownups alike, Scarecrows in the Garden is a must-see in October at the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

Travis Swann Taylor | Photo: Barry Holland

I announced this year that I'm going to be an author, a dream come true!

It was a good year and again I want to say how grateful I am for my friends and fans. The ultimate goal of my being a blogging has been and continues to be to encourage people to get out and explore their own city, to explore their "own backyards". 

Again, thank you to everyone for this wonderful journey!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Association of Food Bloggers Panelist

I was recently invited to be panelist on a #BloggersByte program, hosted by the Association of Food Bloggers, for bloggers, future bloggers and social media influencers. The program was at General Assembly at Ponce City Market. It was totally awesome! 

I didn't realize I had so much to share about blogging, so as I was listening to myself share insights with people who are considering becoming bloggers and those who have just started was as fascinating as it was fun. 

I am grateful to Malika Bowling, co-founder of the Association of Food Bloggers and author of the food, lifestyle and travel blog Roamilicious, for the invitation!

Enjoy this highlights video of the program...

Now, go check out Ponce City Market and all this fantastic destination has to offer. And go hungry...the dining destinations are fantastic!