Tuesday, July 17, 2012

King & Queen For Sale?

Known locally as the King & Queen BuildingsConcourse Corporate Center V & VI (respectively)—the Center went on the market in April of this year. I don't know the current status (keep an eye on your Atlanta Business Journal), but I can tell you a little about them otherwise.

King & Queen Buildings aka Concourse Corporate Center V & VI
King & Queen Buildings
aka Concourse Corporate Center V & VI
I moved to Atlanta the first time in 1987, so I got to see these two beauties go up. Construction was completed on the 32- and 33-story towers in 1988 and 1991 and they were as magnificent then as they are today.

Located at the northeast quadrant of the Interstate 285 and Georgia 400 intersection, they're a promise of Atlanta's heaven-bound skyline for commuters coming in from outside the perimeter—or "OTP" as we locals call it. For non-locals, the "perimeter" is Interstate 285 which makes a full loop around Atlanta via the suburbs.

The King & Queen Buildings are among Atlanta's 20 tallest buildings, but they're actually in the city of Sandy Springs AND they're two of the tallest buildings in a suburban area in the entire United States.

The Concourse at Landmark Center is a gorgeous complex...there's a lot more going on at the ground level than one might imagine. After being mesmerized with the towers' "crowns", you don't always think to wonder what's happening down below.

King & Queen Building
aka Concourse Corporate Center V & VI 
In the complex are offices, a four-star 371-room Westin Hotel, and a man-made lake complete with fountain and landscaped sitting areas where many of the tie-clad 9-5 tenants lunch.

For most, just being given the opportunity to admire such beautiful architecture that far from downtown is a great treat in itself...but isn't it always better when it offers much more and it's maintained so beautifully? Yes?

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