Monday, July 16, 2012

BB&T Atlanta Open Serving Up World-Class Tennis

I was about to start this post with a confession that I'm not much of a sports enthusiast, but then I realized that I've been to hundreds of baseball, hockey, and tennis, while I'm a far cry from a jock, I guess I am a sports fan after all...a contributor to having so much fun at the BB&T Atlanta Open this past weekend!

BB&T Atlanta Open, Atlanta Tennis Championships
Taking place at its new location in Atlantic Station, I'm told that the seating capacity is 4,000 (unverified). When I went on Saturday, I had the privilege of sitting in the elevated Champagne Suite where there was a breeze that made the difference between misery and it feeling like a comfortable summer evening on the front porch.

BB&T Atlanta Open, Atlantic Station
The tennis—amazing! I know a lot of people don't go to the qualifiers because they're celebrity spotters like me, but they're the setting of some great athletic performances—these guys want to move their careers along so they're playing not only with their bodies, but also with their hearts.

Later in the week, attendees will get to see no less than 15 Olympians—that's pretty awesome! Not that Atlanta is a stranger to Olympic athletes, but there are so few Olympians on the planet that when you get to see one...well, let's just say "coolness." Not to mention "admiration" for the discipline and hard work it took to get to that point.

So, the courts are open all week and on throughout this weekend, so get your tickets and go check out some world-class tennis!

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