Monday, December 31, 2018

wanderlust ATLANTA's 2018 Photo Review

I believe 2018 was challenging for many in many ways, but also there were milestones, joyous events, and many reasons to celebrate. I'd like to focus on the positive...

Photography Workshop at Historic Oakland Cemetery

Since starting wanderlust ATLANTA in 2010, my favorite time of year for writing is my end-of-year recap because it's such a fun ride down memory lane and a reminder of how fortunate I am to be able to see and do so much. I'm grateful to the friends who've accompanied me in-person and fans're all the reason I do this!

First, a quick summary of a few things that I did/happened to me in 2018 and then let's have a look at photos from 2018...
  • I'm going to be an author! I inked a deal to author--and do the photography for--111 Places' Atlanta book! It's a dream come true!
  • Completed a full year on the Board of Directors at Horizon Theatre before stepping off to fully focus on my book. "Thank you!" to Lisa and Jeff Adler, all the Horizon staff, and a phenomenal Apprentice Company for a wonderful experience!
  • I got to be a panelist at a program for future bloggers and social media influencers through the Association of Food Bloggers.
  • An awesome interview with totally awesome Jennifer Alice Acker, who got married in 2018! "Congratulations, Jen and Brandon!"
  • An interview with Atlanta Rollergirls not long after my very first, incredibly exciting roller derby bout! A double-bout, at that!
  • An interview with celebrity chef and author Hugh Acheson! I've been a fan for years and was grateful for this interview. Also dined at one of his restaurants in Athens!
  • An interview with George N. Koulouris, owner of Grecian Gyro!
It was a fun year!

The Ballad of Klook and Vinette

My friend Elisa and I went to see "The Ballad of Klook and Vinette" at Horizon theatre starring the incredibly talented Brittany Inge!

Senoia Area Historical Society Museum

Make your way to Senoia, Georgia, and be sure to include a visit to the Senoia Area Historical Society Museum

Orchid Daze 2018

One of my favorite annual events at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is Orchid Daze, a beautiful reason to visit the garden in winter!

Hardman Farm State Historic Site

I highly recommend a visit to Hardman Farm State Historic Site for some fascinating history, historic homes and buildings, Indian mounds, and a lovely estate. It's just before Helen, Georgia, so make it a double-destination trip!

Georgia Renaissance Festival

This was my second year attending the Georgia Renaissance Festival...soooo much fun! Be sure to catch a performance by the Washing Well Wenches!

Duck Confit Flatbread at 5Church Atlanta

5Church Atlanta continues to be my favorite restaurant and my favorite dish: the Duck Confit Flatbread, although steaks are amazing and brunch is phenomenal!

Texas Locomotive

Seeing the Texas Locomotive fully restored (now on exhibit) was exciting and getting a behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta Cyclorama during restoration was fascinating!

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time at the Atlanta Botanical Garden far surpassed anything I could have imagined! It'll be back next year, too, with new installations!

Atlanta Blooms! 2018

Tulips are my favorite flow so a visit (or several) to "Atlanta Blooms!" at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is an annual must-do.

NEUVOlution: Latinos and the New South

The Atlanta tourism landscape, in my humble opinion, doesn't give enough attention to how much Latino culture has shaped our international city. I was excited to see NEUVOlution: Latinos and the New South exhibition at the Atlanta History Center. 

Zoo Atlanta

I've been to Zoo Atlanta countless times, but this year I became a member! 

Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones had been on my list of places to visit for years and I finally made the trek with my friend Wayne. In one word...fascinating!

Grecian Gyro

Many know of my love for Greek food, so dining at and interviewing the owner of Grecian Gyro was awesome! Can hardly wait to go again!

Watson Mill Bridge State Park

Visiting Watson Mill Bridge State Park was wonderful. The bridge was built in 1895 not using a single nail and it's still in use today!

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Tour

Early in the year I went on a tour of Mercedes-Benz Stadium with my friend Lauralyn and her husband Leo. Even if you've been here for a game, go on this grand tour!

Interview with Chef Hugh Acheson

Went to Athens, Georgia, specifically to dine at The National, one of Hugh Acheson's restaurants, and he granted me an interview!

Big Bird

Carroll Spinney, who acted Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, announced his retirement from Sesame Street this year. Fortunately for those living in and visiting Atlanta, we can see Big Bird and Oscar anytime at the Center for Puppetry Arts.

The Peace Tree at the Atlanta History Center

Every spring should include an exploration of the gardens at the Atlanta History Center. There are surprises around every corner!

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour

The Fox Theatre introduced a new and improved Ghost Tour this year!

Scarecrows in the Garden 2018

Great fun for kids and grownups alike, Scarecrows in the Garden is a must-see in October at the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

Travis Swann Taylor | Photo: Barry Holland

I announced this year that I'm going to be an author, a dream come true!

It was a good year and again I want to say how grateful I am for my friends and fans. The ultimate goal of my being a blogging has been and continues to be to encourage people to get out and explore their own city, to explore their "own backyards". 

Again, thank you to everyone for this wonderful journey!

Monday, December 17, 2018

Association of Food Bloggers Panelist

I was recently invited to be panelist on a #BloggersByte program, hosted by the Association of Food Bloggers, for bloggers, future bloggers and social media influencers. The program was at General Assembly at Ponce City Market. It was totally awesome! 

I didn't realize I had so much to share about blogging, so as I was listening to myself share insights with people who are considering becoming bloggers and those who have just started was as fascinating as it was fun. 

I am grateful to Malika Bowling, co-founder of the Association of Food Bloggers and author of the food, lifestyle and travel blog Roamilicious, for the invitation!

Enjoy this highlights video of the program...

Now, go check out Ponce City Market and all this fantastic destination has to offer. And go hungry...the dining destinations are fantastic!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dreams do come true...I'm going to be an AUTHOR!

Big News!!! I'm going to be an author! An AUTHOR!!!

A few days ago I executed a contract with Emons Publishing, in Cologne, Germany, to author a tourism book about Atlanta! This is a dream come true for me, one I've dreamed of for most of my life. 

Travis Swann Taylor | Author "111 Places Atlanta"
Travis Swann Taylor | Author "111 Places Atlanta"

Emons has books about cities all over the world and they've contracted with me--yes, me!--to author their tourism book about Atlanta! It's a perfect pairing, if I say so myself!

Okay, the photo above is the 'author photo' that will appear in the book (already submitted). Yes, it's slightly Photoshopped, but I left plenty of wrinkles so that it's authentic and I seem to always be a little sunburned in the warmer months. And by time the book comes out, I'll be that slender again. Just sayin' 

Oh, and I'm the photographer for the book!!! Another dream come true! I'm so fortunate to be an author and photographer of a book! I'll officially be a paid author and a professional photographer! Yes, they're paying me to write the book and I'll receive royalties! And hopefully the book will be translated into other languages, for which I'll receive additional royalties.

This series of books is written for locals (and experienced travelers) and is about places that even locals may not know about, or places that have stories that locals may not know about. It's about places that have unique stories or that are fascinating in some way that make them interesting to one who enjoys wanderlusting.

I've had friends ask, "Why are you spending so much time blogging when you're not even making money for it?THIS is exactly why. 

After a certain point, I knew my blog would lead to something more and becoming an author is the best thing I could have imagined happening as a result of blogging. Looking back, I learned more about Atlanta after blogging for one year than I had in the 15 years I lived here before moving back in 2010. 

In the beginning, the blog was an exercise to reacquaint myself with a changed Atlanta (I lived here 15 years, moved to DC for 9 and moved back in 2010). I was only going to blog for 1 year, but I was having so much fun I kept on doing it. Then it became part of who I am. And then I started meeting people who read my blog! I was hooked!

Virginia Willis, Travis Swann Taylor, Nathalie Dupree at The Cook's Warehouse
Virginia Willis, Travis Swann Taylor, Nathalie Dupree at The Cook's Warehouse

I owe ton of gratitude to celebrity chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis. It was last November when at a cooking class at The Cook's Warehouse with Virginia Willis and Nathalie Dupree (I've been a fan of Virginia's for years, but this was the first time I met Nathalie) that this opportunity was presented to me. 

Emons had approached Chef Virginia about writing the book, but she did not have the time to write it, but she knew me and my blog "wanderlust ATLANTA" so she recommended me to Emons as the perfect candidate to write the book they wanted. Very soon after I virtually met Karen--the Editor in Chief for North America--and have worked with her (she's so AWESOME!) for more than 10 months to get to the point of the contract.

You'll also see me using my full name--Travis Swann Taylor--because there's already a Travis S. Taylor in the area. He works in aerospace, as I did when I lived in DC, and he's a science-fiction author--I've been a sci-fi fan since watching Star Trek reruns when I was a kid. I very much admire the other Travis, thus the distinction of name for my book.

111 Places | 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss
111 Places | 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss

The book title will be "111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss". It'll be in Emons' series of books that's written for "locals and experienced travelers". The series covers cities all over the world and they've tapped me for Atlanta!!! I'm so excited!

The next step for the publisher is to approve the book cover, which I've requested to have a phoenix--Atlanta has risen from the ashes more than once--and to be in the colors of the flag of the City of Atlanta. We'll see.

The book will also include places outside of City of Atlanta, within Metro Atlanta. I don't know yet just how far-reaching to book will go, but it will include a lot of places that even locals don't know about and aspects of known places that even locals don't know about. 

My blogging journey has always been to encourage locals to explore their own backyards, so this is such a perfect match!

Please follow my social media channels during this journey:

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And follow 111 Places, especially if you're a traveler...or in my world, someone who enjoys the art of wanderlust, particularly in Atlanta.

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I want to thank my dear, dear friend Shelley Pedersen who passed away earlier this year. She lived with pancreatic cancer for more than two incredibly brave woman! Shelley was the friend and colleague who introduced me to Les Dames d'Escoffier International - Atlanta Chapter to photograph their event marking Julia Child's 100th birthday at the Academy of Medicine in Midtown. After that, I was the Chapter's photographer for 4.5 years. A wonderful experience! I miss Shelley so much!

I also want to thank my friend Barry Holland who has been with me for the greatest majority of my blogging experiences. He's also the one who made my soon-to-be author photo! He's one of those friends who doesn't judge, is totally supportive, and encourages one to chase their dreams until they come true. Thank you, Barry!

I am so incredibly excited to share with everyone that I'm going to be an author! I have very aggressive deadlines now through next November, then the book goes to print and we'll have the launch parties in spring 2020, a number of which I'm already planning! 

Thank you, thank you, to all who have been fans and have supported "wanderlust ATLANTA" over the years. I'm so excited to bring you my very first book! 

Please ask any questions you may have.

Thank you, thank you!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Grecian Gyro took me back to Greece!

Many of you know that I lived in Greece for more than two years, when I was 19-21, and speak of that time as some of the greatest fun I've ever had—who's not having the time of their life at 19, right? But I was doing that in Greece!

I jumped at the opportunity to interview owner and president of Grecian Gyro restaurants, George N. Koulouris, about the family business and their sixth and newest location, this one in Snellville, Georgia, just east of Atlanta, which opened this summer.

George N. Koulouris, Owner, Grecian Gyro | Photo: Christopher Watkins
George N. Koulouris, Owner, Grecian Gyro | Photo: Christopher Watkins

Founder Nick Koulouris, father of George and Pano, opened the first Grecian Gyro restaurant in 1982 with the dream of sharing a taste of his culture from Kalamata, Greece, in a fast, convenient, and friendly format. The menu at Grecian Gyro is comprised of classic Greek and Mediterranean specialties including handcrafted gyros and plates, fresh Greek salads, Grecian potatoes, spanakopita, hummus, and more.

Now, let's get to the interview...

wanderlust ATLANTAPlease share with us a little about you. Where were you born and raised? How did you get into restaurants? What do you like most about being Greek?

GeorgeI am an Atlanta native, born and raised in this city. I attended Tucker High School and Oglethorpe University. My dad, Nick Koulouris, opened the first Grecian Gyro location in 1982 when I was 2 years old, so in essence I was raised in the restaurant. We say that I’ve worked there since I was old enough to hold a spatula. My dad’s favorite story to tell is about how I would walk behind him and steal the tomatoes as he added them to the salads in the morning. 

I worked in event marketing and my brother, Pano, worked in sales. In 2007, Pano found a closed down KFC in Tucker and convinced me to quit my day job and join him in a hair-brained scheme to expand the family restaurant.

What I’ve always appreciated most about being Greek is the culture. The Greeks call it 'kefi', a feeling of joy and passion. Family gatherings, whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or a weekend cookout are always a party, with music, great food, and a lot of fun.

Hummus | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Hummus | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

I almost always have hummus and olives in the fridge at home. I'd never had hummus before I went to Greece, but now it's a dish I love and will always enjoy...when it's good, that is. At Grecian Gyro it's great! 

Mind the olive on this dish (and others). It's not pitted, but that means it retains its incredible flavor! I love pepperoncini peppers, too, and often have a jar of them in the fridge, as well. I've never made traditional hummus and now I don't have to! 

I've now visited two locations of Grecian Gyro (can hardly wait to go again!) and the food quality and taste is consistently excellent. They use the freshest ingredients and produce, everything is chopped and prepared in-house, sauces are made from scratch, and many ingredients are locally sourced.

wanderlust ATLANTAWhat's the most popular dish on your menu and why do you think that is?

GeorgeOur most popular dish by far is our classic gyro and Grecian potatoes. I think they are most popular because they are the signature flavors of Grecian Gyro. 

My dad, Nick, created his own gyro sauce and spice blend and that magical combination has been the cornerstone of Grecian Gyro for the past 35+ years. Over the years this sauce has inspired a food trend in the city, and now Atlanta offers a style of gyro found nowhere else in the world.

Dolmades | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Dolmades | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

A single order of dolmades—stuffed grape leaves—is generous! And delicious. Wanting to sample a number of items, I ordered two appetizers—the hummus and the dolmades—and a Gyro Plate—the entrees on the plates can come open-faced or wrapped. People who know me know that I can put away the groceries (eat a lot!), but the portions are so generous here that this order was enough for three meals!

There are number of beverage options available. I opted for the iced tea. It's self-serve, so soda and tea refills are complimentary. Their tea is offered in two varieties—Unsweetened and "Southern Style", which if you're not Southern, that means "sweet tea". We do love our sweet tea!

The restaurant staff was hospitable, courteous, and super-polite. They didn't know I was coming, so it was totally genuine. It's clean, tidy, and the posted health score is 100. I also noticed that they have multiple ServSafe certifications. You can dine here with confidence!

wanderlust ATLANTAWhat has been your proudest moment in one of your restaurants?

GeorgeLast year we opened the Tucker location for Thanksgiving and offered a free lunch to anyone in the neighborhood in need of a warm meal. I had several members of my team sacrifice time with their families to volunteer for that shift. 

Several people told us that was all they were going to eat that day. That is one of the greatest experiences since opening the restaurants. 

I think the proudest day for Grecian Gyro had to have been when we won "Atlanta’s Best Gyro" for the first time from Atlanta Magazine in the 90s. I’ll never forget the beaming pride my dad felt when his little 'hole-in-the-wall' restaurant received that accolade. It was truly a moment in which a young immigrant realized the American dream.

Grecian Potatoes, Greek Salad | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Grecian Potatoes, Greek Salad | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

I used to think I could eat potatoes every day, but now I know I could...if they were the Grecian potatoes at Grecian Gyro! I've never had potatoes quite like these. I dipped them in the house-made sauce for an extra punch...I could LIVE on these potatoes!

You don't usually expect too much from a cafe salad, but the Greek Salad at Grecian Gyro totally delivers! When I lived in Greece, I almost always had an Islander Salad—the same Greek Salad we all know, but that one doesn't come with lettuce. The feta vinaigrette on Grecian Gyro's Greek Salad is amazing! And the freshness of the ingredients is stellar! Don't skip the Greek Salad people!!! 

wanderlust ATLANTAWhat stories do you want your customers to tell after dining at Grecian Gyro?

GeorgeI always love when Grecian Gyro goes beyond just being another restaurant and becomes a part of someone’s life story. We have customers who came to Grecian Gyro on a first date in the 80s and now their adult children are still regulars.

We have customers who always celebrate birthdays or special occasions at one of our restaurants. One couple got engaged on our patio and celebrate every Valentine’s Day at Grecian Gyro. One grandmother told me she loves to bring all her new grandchildren to the restaurant once they’re old enough to enjoy hummus. 

But, one of my favorite recent stories is about the couple that lied to their family about coming to the restaurant for dinner, but instead went to the airport and eloped. When they returned from their wedding they came to Grecian Gyro as part of their celebration (so it wouldn’t be a total lie).

Gyro | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Gyro | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

Greek music in the air, as I was sitting there enjoying my gyro, I was transported back to the cafes I ate in when living in Greece. The coming and going of other customers felt like I was dining alfresco in Plaka—the area where all the tourists go shopping for souvenirs, fine jewelry and to dine in the best cafes. The flavors at Grecian Gyro are the most authentic I've had since living in Greece decades ago, and believe me, I've had many gyros since then.

The gyro pictured below was the one that I had on my first visit, at the Tucker location, which I drowned in their house-made sauce immediately after I tasted it! When I lived in Greece, I'd almost always order extra tzatziki--love the stuff! The sauce at Grecian Gyro is different, but wholly delicious and just as addictive as any sauce I've ever had. I they offer jars of this for sale? The hummus and olives in my fridge would certainly welcome the good company. 

wanderlust ATLANTAI hope to visit Greece again soon. What city or site—other than the typical tourist destinations—is a must-visit?

GeorgeLast year I visited Greece and came across a gem of a town I’d never heard of before, MonemvasiaThe entire town is hidden on the backside of a small island off the east coast of Peloponnesus by walls that remain from the medieval period. 

The hike to the top of the mountain to visit the Byzantine church that still stands is tough, but well worth the incredible view (especially at sunset). There is a beauty and energy like none other. 

And the restaurants on the island boast some hyper-localized cuisine unavailable anywhere else, with dishes influenced by the town's Venetian and Ottoman eras.

Gyro | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Gyro | Grecian Gyro | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

You've heard stories about European's hospitality, even to perfect strangers. I experienced that first-hand when I lived there. My first Christmas there, a new friend invited me into his home and the family treated me like an honored guest, sharing their Christmas morning with me—they made me feel "at home" while nearly six thousands miles from where I grew up. I'll always remember their hospitality and generosity.

Admirably, the Koulouris family’s philosophy is that good business starts with valuing culture, community, and team spirit. Each restaurant prioritizes contributions to its local community through ongoing efforts like sponsoring school teams, offering free holiday meals for those in need, and collecting supplies for humanitarian efforts. When you dine here, you're not only enjoying amazing food, you're supporting the local community!

What a joy it was to be transported back to my late teens, early twenties when dining at Grecian Gyro. I do hope to return to Greece for a visit soon. In the meantime, I'll be hanging out at Grecian Gyro!

Remember, "Once a Week, Go Greek"! Go to Grecian Gyro!

Friday, October 26, 2018

The new 'Fox Theatre Ghost Tour' has Personality!

The brand new Fox Theatre Ghost Tour goes beyond the docent-led history tour and brings a number of personalities to "life", some from years before the Fox was even built!

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

Tour-takers begin their evening in the Spanish Room, accessible through the Arcade on Peachtree Street. Many of us enjoyed snacks and beer and wine—cash bar, standard rates—before our tour began.

There are multiple tours each evening they're offered, one every 15 minutes, and each one leaves precisely on-time...don't be late! Each group has a tour guide and a wrangler—the person who keeps everyone together and moving along.

Our tour guide Gwen was awesome, as was our cheerful wrangler, Jill. Our tour began in the Lobby where Gwen shared some housekeeping points and regaled some of the history of the Fox Theatre. Whether you're a local, new to Atlanta or are just visiting, I believe you'll find the storied history of the Fox Theatre fascinating and mesmerizing.

Our first stop was a visit to the Ladies Lounge—quite opulent! Then over to the Men's Lounge where we met none other than movie-mogul "Mr. William Fox" himself! He enthusiastically shared a bit of his own story and how he came to acquire the Fox Theatre. 

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Hospital | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Hospital | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

Did you know that the Fox Theatre has a hospital? That was our next stop, where we met Nurse Ruth. In her period nurse uniform, and in character, Nurse Ruth explained how the hospital worked from from the Theatre's opening day in 1929 until nurses were replaced by EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), but not before a theatre guest gave birth in this very room!

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Celebrity Autographs | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

Next we were off to the star's dressing rooms! We passed through a stairwell that has a timeline, with photos, chronicling the Fox's history pre-1929 to present day.

In one of the dressing rooms we got to see dresser drawers that have autographs of celebrities who have graced the stage of the Fox throughout the years. 

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Anna Ragan" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Anna Ragan" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

Then we were off to another dressing room where we learned about "The Cockroaches"—Atlantans purchased tickets to that concert without knowing anything about the band. It turned out to be a be one of the most famous bands in history! 

In that dressing room we met "Anna Ragan", a former owner of the home that once stood on the land where the present-day Fox Theatre stands. According to Ghosts of Atlanta: Phantoms of the Phoenix City, it's believed that Anna died in the house and now her ghost is seen by entertainers from time to time in Dressing Room 42. Perhaps she wanted to be an entertainer herself.

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Coal Room" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Coal Room" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

On our way to the boiler room, we walked under the Fox Theatre stage! And we got to see the mechanics that raise and lower different parts of the stage. Not to worry, it's sealed with magnetic doors when in operation.

Once in the sub-basement we met "Roosevelt", the gentleman who in the early years practically lived at the Fox during winter to keep the boilers heating. If the fire went out, the theatre would be too cold for guests the next day, so it had to be continually stoked. 

In the photo above, I'm looking up at the walls and roof of the coal room, still covered in soot. Creepy!

"Roosevelt" was the liveliest ghost we met! There was more jumping, scooting away, and slight screams during this part of the tour...down in the sub-basement. Bwah-ha-ha!

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Target Practice" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Target Practice" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

He pointed out this mysterious "target" painted on one of the walls in the sub-basement. No one knows what it was for, why anyone would be shooting in the basement, or what the three 4s are. Lots of speculation, but no one knows. Scary!

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Ghost Light Ghost" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | "Ghost Light Ghost" | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

From there we went onto the stage of the Fox Theatre, the first time on that stage for many of the tour-takers. We were greeting by an unnamed ghost, so I've dubbed him the Ghost Light Ghost.

Earlier on the tour, one of the tour-takers was explaining to another what a ghost light is. She didn't believe him. When we got to the stage the Ghost Light Ghost explained what a ghost light is and offered many possible reasons for why there's always one on a vacant stage. 

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | on the stage | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | on the stage | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

We were then invited to take photos of the dramatically lit Auditorium and make selfies on the stage. 

Unless you have a future career on Broadway or in Rock-n-Roll, take advantage of this opportunity to make a bunch of photos on the stage where 1932 New York Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave the commencement speech for Oglethorpe University; where Elvis Presley and Madonna have performed for sold-out crowds; and where Prince gave his last concert. 

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Rick McGee & Mighty Mo | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Rick McGee & Mighty Mo | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor

While on the stage we were treated to a surprise mini-concert! 

Organist Rick McGee told us about Mighty Mo (the famous organ) and then played a number of tracks from Star Wars, including Vader's March and that little ditty from Mos Eisley Cantina!

He stayed after and answered questions. Super nice guy and you can tell that he loves what he does.

Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
Fox Theatre Ghost Tour 2018 | Photo: Travis Swann Taylor
For the record, I took some creative liberty in the coloring of the very first photo in this post, but the lighting and colors in the other photos are real! 

Last I heard, almost all of this year's tours are sold out with some tickets remaining for Halloween Night...what a fun Halloween outing this will be!

If you don't make this year's ghost tour, do check out the other Fox Theatre Tours!