Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cover: Federal Reserve

In addition to a new Facebook Cover Photo, here's an excerpt from a previous post about the subject matter in this photo--of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta:

Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia
Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, Georgia

"Immediately in front of the building's main entrance is a massive bronze eagle perched, wings spread wide, atop a column that was part of the original Atlanta Fed building that opened in 1918. The eagle sculpture was created in 1964 by Elbert Weinberg."

The Atlanta Fed is one of only twelve Federal Reserve banks in the United states and one of only a few of those that offer tours. The tour—mostly self-guided—I highly recommend.

Enjoy this pre-sized Facebook Cover Photo and then head over to the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook Page for more. For more about Atlanta's Federal Reserve Bank, visit my full post at the link in the first paragraph.

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