Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cover: Egypt at the Carlos

One of my absolute most favorite museums in Atlanta is the Michael C. Carlos Museum, part of Emory University. For those fascinated with the Ancient Egyptian culture—as has been most of world since the discovery of King Tut—the Carlos is going to be a wondrous place to explore.

Egyptian Sculpture Michael C. Carlos Museum
Egyptian Sculpture
Michael C. Carlos Museum
I've written about the Michael C. Carlos Museum on numerous occasions, but I never tire of visiting, so I'll likely write many more times. But, now that I'm giving you Facebook Cover Photos, that'll hopefully entice you to explore those posts.

The Carlos is not that far from town, even though many Atlantans' perception of "far away" is admittedly distorted compared to citizens of other cities. Emory is literally minutes from where I live, yet it "seems" so far away. My point is that if you consider visiting the Carlos, please do not let distance influence your'll be glad you visited!

And plan ample time for your visit. The museum is much larger than it appears. In addition to the "Egyptian, Nubian, and Near East" gallery, the permanent collections also includes the following galleries:
  • Greek and Roman
  • Ancient American
  • African
  • Asian
  • Works on Paper
There are a couple of quite interesting looking exhibitions coming in the near term. One, "For I am the Black Jaguar: Shamanic Visionary Experience in Ancient American Art" I am particularly looking forward to, given my Native American background (my great grandmother was born on a Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina).

The other upcoming exhibition is "The Plains of Mars: European War Prints, 1500-1825, From the Collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation", which also promises to be of great interest.

In the meantime, please enjoy the above pre-sized Facebook Cover Photo (visit the museum to learn more about this sculpture!) and then head over to the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook Page for more. Please "Like" the page while you're there!


Terry said...

I've wanted to do a catalog of our "college" museums and galleries. My message(s) about the Carlos is that ti's easy to park, then you walk 100 yards or so on level ground though a park. Once inside it's cozy, no giant rooms, it's of the very highest quality, and you can take it in without exhausting yourself. You'll want to return because the works are inexhaustible.

Travis Swann Taylor said...

A catalog is a great idea, Terry! We have some amazing college museums...from Emory's Carlos Museum, Oglethorpe's art museum, to Georgia Tech's Paper Museum--to name just a few, that can be a wonderfully unique way to experience Atlanta!