Saturday, June 30, 2018

INTERVIEW: Atlanta Rollergirls

I recently experienced the awesome excitement of an Atlanta Rollergirls bout, a double-header actually, which was my first-ever roller derby! 

If you even modestly like sports in Atlanta, you've probably been at a United, Braves, Hawks, Falcons, Dream or Blaze game, but I'm here to tell you that Atlanta Rollergirls is in a league of its own. This wholly unique experience is f-u-n...FUN! 

Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren
Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren

Did I know the rules of roller derby? No. Did I know how scoring works in roller derby? No. Did I even know any skaters or personalities in roller derby? A friend in Arizona is a roller derby coach, but that's the extent of my connections to this mysteriously alluring sport. I could hardly wait! 

I went with my friend Nikki—you know her as @atlantafoodie (on Instagram) when we did our "By the Numbers" restaurant series—and a few other mutual friends, including her husband Dan. I'd wanted to go for years, so the anticipation was ultra high.

Nikki and I decided on the May double-header and our friends would join us for one or both. You can bring in your own food an drink—no glass, though!—so we packed up our coolers and headed to the Yaarab Shrine Temple on Ponce de Leon Avenue, the temple the Shriners built after moving from what today is the Fox Theatre. There's ample parking and it's easy to find one's way to the arena.

Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren
Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren

Nikki explained the basic rules of the game to me—there's nothing like learning in real-time!—but they also have an "Ask Me" skater (wearing an "Ask Me" badge) walking the seating areas just for people like me...clueless yet having a grand time, but knowing that knowing how the game works would intensify the experience.

Making it a totally awesome evening, Atlanta Rollergirls WON BOTH bouts! There was so much adrenaline in that arena—coming from the rink and the audience—it was absolutely electric! 

Between bouts, while enjoying a performance by Seed & Feed Marching Abominable (video)—and there are drinks and food trucks and art vendors, too—I introduced myself to one of the skaters and asked about getting an interview. Every Rollergirl I met was awesome...these ladies not only love the sport and camaraderie, they're wholly dedicated to giving their fans an exciting, unforgettable experience.

In short order after that night of roller derby fun, I heard from Gucci Maim (how they get their names if fascinating!) who graciously granted me an interview. 

Enjoy the interview below and get your tickets for the playoffs and championship games!

Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren
Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren

wanderlust ATLANTA: What's the tradition for how an Atlanta Rollergirl gets her name? 

Gucci Maim: Some names are given to skaters by friends or family members and others skaters choose for themselves. The one thing that is fairly consistent across the board is they are earned - whether it be you have volunteered with Atlanta Rollergirls (ARG) to the point of earning a name, or you've gone through a fresh meet/rec league program and passed the minimum skills tests to become a full-fledged skater - at that point you earn you wings, er, name. For an example, my name is Gucci Maim. When I first passed all the skills tests and it was time to pick a name, I consulted with a friend from middle school to help me find the perfect fit. Atlanta-based rapper, Gucci Mane, has always been one of my favorite humans, so it only felt right to take a play from his name to make it my own.

wanderlust ATLANTA: Camaraderie seems to be an important part of the Atlanta Rollergirls. It seems you've elevated teamwork to a Sisterhood? Tell us about that and does that translate across the sport as a whole?

Gucci MaimAbsolutely! Not only do you form lasting bonds with your team, but also you build derby relationships when you play against other teams or go to tournaments. You'll see all the time when someone lays out a major hit on another, one of the first reactions is to give her props for that hit while laying down in pain. Beyond that, in my last job they did a write-up about me and of course derby came up. When the article was released among the group, I had a woman who worked in one of the Chicago offices reach out to me because she too plays - in fact next time I'm in Chicago, I hope to actually meet her in person.

Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren
Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren

wanderlust ATLANTA: Personally, now having been, I'd recommend a double-header for a first-time roller derby spectator. What else can a first-timer do to prepare for the absolute best experience?

Gucci Maim: Oh man, preparation-wise that one is a tough one since roller derby isn't readily accessible on TV like most other sports. Whenever I have friends who are coming to watch me play for the first time I tell them to make a friend with someone there who looks like they know the game as most derby fans are awesome and want to share the word of derby. Or I tell them about the 'ask me girls' that our league has that they can talk to in order to figure out what is happening. The WFTDA (our governing body) also has some great videos that describe the fundamentals. In all honesty, just showing up excited and with an open mind is your best bet.

wanderlust ATLANTA: You have male cheerleaders (they were awesome!) for your all-female league. Tell us a little about them?

Missel CrisisI wouldn't say that having all-male jeerleaders was intentional, but it's a neat dynamic. The guys that do it are all true feminists just celebrating the sport with us, as jazzed about it as we are. 

Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren
Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren

wanderlust ATLANTAWhat do the Atlanta Rollergirls do in the off season? Any special events throughout the remainder of the year? 

Gucci Maim: Off season? What's that? In all honesty our off season is only about two months long. We continue to practice and play bouts even when our home schedule is done. This year, Atlanta is the only North American team hosting playoffs, which is in September, so our focus will be to that and then the Dirty South Derby Girls (our all-star team) will continue to train and play hard in order to make it to champs in November. As you can see, it doesn't leave us with much of an off-season! As for special events, you'll usually catch us at various community events such as marching in the pride and lantern parade or cheering on runners during the PNC Atlanta 10 Miler.

Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren
Atlanta Rollergirls | Photo: Jeremy Wren

wanderlust ATLANTA: Rollerderby is a high-energy sport and the crowds are highly responsive. What are you hoping for audience members to take away after a bout? To tell their friends?

Gucci MaimWe just want them to have a good time. The sport itself can be quite confusing for someone who has never been before but we have skaters who will walk around and answer any questions. Plus we have food trucks, drinks, vendors, and half-time acts in a family-friendly environment to make this more than a game, to make it an entire evening dedicated to entertainment across the board. I really want people leaving there saying 'wow, that was amazing' while yearning to come back for more or, even better, leaving saying how they want to become a roller derby athlete and joining our league, the junior derby league, or even the men's league.

Atlanta Rollergirls is the Atlanta's first flat-track roller derby league and they're here to stay! You can still get TICKETS to this season's playoff and championship games.

Now, enjoy this brief video of some of the fun you'll be having...

Monday, June 18, 2018

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time

The newest exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is exciting beyond must see it in real-life! It takes you to a time when you loved playing make-believe, a time of fairy-tales, a time of larger-than-life mysterious and mythical takes you to "Imaginary Worlds".

Dragon | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Dragon | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Atlantans and tourists were blown away when Imaginary Worlds came to the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2013 and again in 2014. The new exhibition, Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time, far surpasses the wonderment we we knew then, as impossible as that sounds. 

The Dragon on the Great Lawn has become an immediate visitor favorite, and be sure to not miss the Sleeping Princess in the flower bed at its feet.

I've already seen the exhibition numerous times, with my 20+ years friend Jeff and fellow friends, my foodie friend Sally, my dear friend Katherine from D.C. who now lives in Florida, and I got to go on the media preview before the exhibition opened to the public...the sculptures have grown in nicely since then. And I'm going back at least a few times in the next couple of months! 

"Imaginary Worlds was just so incredibly popular with our guests that we just had to bring it back—but with an all-new twist," said Mary Pat Matheson, the Garden’s President & CEO, who had assumed leadership of the Garden only a couple of years before she bought Chihuly to to the Atlanta Botanical Garden in 2004 (the first time), the grandest visionary move since the Conservatory opened in 1989.

Pegasus | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Pegasus | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time is a storybook-themed exhibition, featuring magical and mythical creatures in more than a dozen installations displayed outdoors and indoors.

Cocktails in the Garden is back, too! That means you get to see the sculptures dramatically lit as the sun goes down. Some of the creatures have illuminated eyes, including the Pegasus, that are more like catchlight than glowing...they're spectacular! 

The hours for Cocktails in the Garden have changed to half an hour earlier. It's now 5:30pm to 9:30pm, which is great news for those of us who enjoy going straight from the office.

Phoenix | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Phoenix | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

As if the sculptures alone weren't exciting enough, Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time is a two-year exhibition! This year it runs through Sunday, October 28, but don't wait. Once you've seen it the first time, you'll want to go again and again and again.

The sculptures were created by International Mosaiculture of Montreal and were then transported in environmentally-controlled trucks more than 1,200 miles to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It took a period of time to complete the installation once onsite.

Phoenix | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Phoenix | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Being three-dimensional, be sure to take advantage of seeing the whole of the sculptures that you can, particularly the Phoenix. You can't miss the Phoenix as you walk up the Promenade toward Longleaf restaurant. It's perched on the edge of Alston Overlook, the highest point in the Garden.

During one visit, there was a storyteller who dramatically told the story of the Phoenix and its connection to Atlanta...not a boring recant of historical facts (don't get me wrong, I love history), but a fantastical regaling of the rebirth of Atlanta!

Fire Artist| Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Fire Artist| Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Speaking of fiery events, there was also a roving barker and fire artist who put on a spectacular show! There's lots of entertainment, a bit of it roving, so keep your eyes out! 

Camels| Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Camels| Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Be sure to check out the Skyline Garden, behind the Conservatory and Orchid Center, where you'll see a trio of traveling Camels, and if you're there for Cocktails in the Garden, there's another bar over there, that probably has the shortest line!

Faerie| Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Faerie| Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

The sculptures are not the only magical creatures in the Garden! On one particular evening, there was a violin-playing faerie!

I don't know what other entertainment is planned for Cocktails in the Garden, but it's so far been absolutely fantastical! Do say "Hello!" and ask to make a photo with them...the entertainers have all been wonderfully friendly.

Woolly Mammoth | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Woolly Mammoth | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

While I love the dragon and the phoenix, the Woolly Mammoth is monumentally magnificent! And it's a natural fit in its Atlanta Botanical Garden habitat. 

Some of the creatures are seemingly hidden, but if you miss one going in one direction, you'll see it on your return. My recommendation is that you pick up an exhibition map upon arrival so that you're sure not to miss anything! 

Earth Goddess | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Earth Goddess | Imaginary Worlds | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We here in Atlanta have enjoyed Earth Goddess (Ice Goddess during the holiday lights show) and Shaggy Dog since the 2013 exhibition and they're as delightful as ever. 

If you're visiting Atlanta or going to the Garden for the first time for the first time in many years, Earth Goddess was one of the sculptures that we kept after that exhibition finished, like the three Chihuly glass sculptures we kept after their respective exhibitions.

Atlanta Botanical Garden Gainesville is in on the action, too! They're hosting the Ogre that we enjoyed a few years back. For a creature known to not have a terribly pleasant disposition, this Ogre is so much fun! Their exhibition is Imaginary Worlds: Ogre and Friends, some of the friends being Pandas!!!

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time | Atlanta Botanical Garden | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Imaginary Worlds: Once Upon a Time at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a must-see to get a true sense of the wonders that Atlanta offers and Cocktails in the Garden, on Thursday evenings, is perfect for a date night, a get together with friends, and definitely for "something different" to do. See you there!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

10 Reasons to See "Freaky Friday" in the Park

Horizon Theatre's production of "Freaky Friday" is coming to Piedmont Park!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

For the fourth consecutive year, Horizon Theatre is sharing one of its super-popular musical comedies at the Park's Promenade. This year's show—one of the theatre's main stage plays earlier this year—has been met with hilarity, fantastic acting, super-fun musical numbers, and awesome reviews.

With only four performances, Wednesday through Saturday, June 20-23, this is a can't miss-show! In no particular order, here are 10 awesome reasons why you should see "Freaky Friday" in Piedmont Park...

1.) It's FREE! 

That's right. Horizon Theatre is giving away thousands of free tickets to see the four-day run of Freaky Friday in Piedmont Park. There's also reserved seating, for a nominal fee, closer to the stage, and if you're not a fan of sitting on the grass, you can buy reserved seats at a table near the stage or get a private table (for 6) also near the stage! I've sat on the lawn and reserved seats...whichever you chose, you'll have a great experience!

I think it's totally awesome is it that Horizon brings free theatre to our local community, and many others visiting Atlanta. "Thank you!", Horizon Theatre!
2.) The CAST is phenomenal!

The cast from the spring performance at Horizon Theatre in Inman Park/Little Five Points are all returning for the Piedmont Park run...I'm so excited! This was the largest cast to ever perform on the stage at Horizon Theatre and they truly are phenomenal. 

There are 19 actors in every performance, performing considerably more characters than that!

If you're an Atlanta theatre regular, you'll recognize names and faces of many of the cast, several of them multiple Suzi Bass award nominees and winners!

Jennifer Alice Acker, a personal favorite, is so incredibly talented and an amazing human being! She loves her craft, loves her fans, loves life and gives everything she has to every role she performs. Driven to continually improve (she's already AMAZING!), she's going to always deliver a magnificent performance! 

The spring show was the first time I'd seen Abby Holland on stage. She's AMAZING! Her voice is bold and beautiful and her acting is brilliant. I think you'll love her, too!

Christian Magby is multi-talented the likes you don't see very often. He acts, plays multiple musical instruments, writes, and he's one of the most personable artists you'll meet.

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

3.) It's in PIEDMONT PARK, "Atlanta's Favorite Greenspace"!

This is the fourth year that Horizon Theatre has brought one of their mainstage shows to Piedmont Park, which is in the heart of Midtown and easy to get to! The Promenade is near the Atlanta Botanical Garden—accessible from the Garden's entry road—and the Sage Parking Deck, accessible from Piedmont Avenue and Monroe Drive.

I've attended the last three Horizon Theatre shows in Piedmont Park and can personally attest to their being great fun...the shows and seeing them in the Park! [2015] [2016] [2017]

4.) There's something for EVERYONE!

Horizon Theatre has made a commitment to produce at least one play per season that multiple generations can enjoy together, and "Freaky Friday" is exactly that! Bring the kids, bring your parents, bring your friends of all ages!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

5.) You get to MEET the cast and take PHOTOS with them!
In the wonderful Horizon Theatre tradition, after the show you'll get to meet the cast and make photos with them! Being the celebrity-spotter I am, this perk is a huge one for me and I love seeing so many other theatre-goers talking with the cast, congratulating them on their performance and getting to know them a little more.

6.) You've probably seen the MOVIE(s)!

"Freaky Friday" has quite a fun history, having been a book; then a movie in 1976 starring a young Jodie Foster who would go on to win two Oscar Awards; then another movie in 2003 starring Golden Globe-winner Jamie Lee Curtis and actress/musician Lindsay Lohan's a MUSICAL!!!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

7.) There will be FOOD and DRINKS!

You're going to get hungry and thirsty, right? Of course you will!

The grounds will open at 6:00pm (show starts at 7:30pm each night), so bring a picnic and enjoy! NOTE: Feel free to bring your own food, water and soft-drinks, but no alcohol and no glass, please.

There will be concessions, and beerwinewater and soft-drinks available for purchase.

Remember, the earlier you arrive the closer you can get to the stage! But it's such a big show, they're all great seats. 
8.) The SET is awesome!

Twin sisters and Suzi Bass award winners Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay have done a magnificent job! I mentioned that this is the largest Horizon Theatre cast ever, and they brilliantly maneuvered the set at the theatre, but I'm super excited to see what they're do when it's in Piedmont Park. We're talking lots more real estate...more possibilities! 

9.) You're going to LAUGH!

Yes, it's a musical. Yes, it's about switching bodies. Yes, it's about the drama of a broken family—I come from one, so I know the hilarity that can come from that. It's ALL incredibly funny! You'll connect with this family, their friends, the wedding vendors, police encounters, and the wide range of relationships one encounters throughout life. Oh, and there's a high school scavenger hunt with a—by unanimous vote—totally hot list master...♫Aaaadddaammm!♫

10.) Horizon Theatre is GRATEFUL for your support!

Lisa Adler, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic/Producing Director, shares every opening night of every show that ticket sales make up for only about half of what it takes to run the theatre. Not everyone can see a show at the theatre, but most everyone can go to a free show...and then tell friends and family how great it was!

As a member of the Board of Directors at Horizon Theatre since August—and a patron of many years—we are incredibly grateful for your support, whether in ticket purchases, subscriptions and/or sharing how much you enjoyed your theatre experience with friends and family.

There you go...10 awesome reasons to come to Piedmont Park to see Horizon Theatre's production of Freaky Friday. I think you're going to love it!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Georgia Guidestones

You've heard of them, you've seen photos of them, maybe you've even watched a documentary about them, but there's nothing like walking up to the 19' 3" monument and reading the Georgia Guidestones in person!

The Georgia Guidestones were dedicated on March 22, 1980. Sometimes called the American Stonehenge or Stonehenge of Georgia—for its astrological features—the Georgia Guidestones' origin and conservation message to this day remain quite shrouded in mystery. 

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

The Georgia Guidestones are located at a remote site, on the highest point in Elbert County, the County being the owner of the Guidestones.

You can learn more at the Georgia Guidestones and at the various links in this post, but here's a little about their early history...

On a Friday in June 1979, a stranger identified as "Mr. Christian" (later "R.C. Christian") met with Joe H. Findley, Sr., President of Elberton Granite Finishing Company, indicating that he represented a group of loyal Americans from outside of Georgia who wanted to build a monument focused on the theme of conservation. Seeking a financial institution for the project, Findley sent "Mr. Christian" to Wyatt C. Martin, President of the Granite City Bank, which would hold the funds to build the monument in escrow.

"Mr. Christian" explained that he and his colleagues selected Georgia as the site for the monument because of its excellent granite, its moderate climate and because "Mr. Christian's" great-grandmother was a Georgia native.

There's much more! A lot of research has gone into the Georgia Guidestones, and there's even a movie, and there's potentially a significant amount of additional research that could be done. As they say, "time will tell" if that happens. 

The Georgia Guidestones have brought contentious debate, lofty conversation, and more than marginal controversy. People have explored controlling human civilization since at least 400 BCE when Plato suggested selective breeding. The Georgia Guidestones waste no time getting to their ideas for the "conservation" of humankind, starting with keeping the population under 500,000,000, perhaps the most controversial of the 10 guidelines.

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

The Georgia Guidestones, to me, are part commandment, part advice, part common sense, and there are some that are blatant humor—probably not on purpose, but surely the author couldn't have imagined 2018 society in 1980....or maybe he could.

Here are the exact words:











             IN A WORLD COURT









That last line is not a typo. "LEAVE ROOM FOR NATURE" is indeed etched twice. Some believe the actual purpose of the Guidestones is simply to protect our planet.


Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

The astronomic features of the Georgia Guidestones are noted on another granite slab, laid in the ground, only a few yards west of the Guidestones, marked with N, E, S, W, on the corresponding compass directions.

This slab notes that the astronomic features were authored by "R.C. Christian" himself and it's carved in stone that "R.C. Christian" is a pseudonym. (NOTE: On this slab, pseudonym is misspelled "PSEUDONYN".)

A 2015 article by Shannon Dell describes the astronomic features considerably better than I can, even as big a space geek as I am. Here's an excerpt from Dell's article describing the astronomic features:

"...the four main granite slabs were aligned with the celestial poles, while the centre stone was drilled with an eye-level hole oriented with the North Star and a slit aligned with the Sun's solstices and equinoxes. The capstone, having its own slit, was to act as a calendar, revealing the date at noon each day when the sun shone through."

The cool-factor that this adds to the Georgia Guidestones is off the charts, and it equally adds to their mystery. But seriously though, what do the solstices have to do with the conservation of humanity after the apocalypse? That's assuming we're not meant to cut today's population to "under 500,000,000".

Adding even more mystery to the Georgia Guidestones, this same slab notes that there is a time capsule buried six feet below the slab and that it was placed on ______ and is to be opened on ______. That's dates are etched!

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

The rectangular capstone is inscribed with "Let these be guidestones to an age of reason" in four ancient languages. In clockwise order starting with the Guidestone carved in English, the capstone languages are Babylonian Cuneiform, Classical Greek, Sanskrit and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

On the vertical standing slabs, the Guidestones, the same 10 guidelines are etched on both sides of the four monoliths, each side in a different language.

In clockwise order starting with the English inscription, the eight languages are English, Spanish, Swahili, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Interested in linguistics since I was a teenager, I'd love to know the thought process behind the selection of this particular collection of languages. And why was only one language used on the capstone and the Guidestones...why that language?  

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Barry Holland

The above photo is only for proof that I was actually at the Georgia Guidestones. It was a HOT and HUMID day, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything else. It was a great day...sweat and all. I went with my friend Wayne, a State Parks and State Historic Sites expert. Our last excursion was great fun and who knows where we'll go next!

Behind me on the left you can see the edge of a marker that shares a little history about the Georgia Guidestones. It was placed some time after the 1980 dedication of the Guidestones and was not authored by "R.C. Christian".

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

While we were there, a couple arrived with drone in-hand making me super jealous, but all the same excited about what they were doing.

There were no personally-owned drones in 1980, so aerial photography and videography had to be done by helicopter or plane...not an everyday occurrence four decades ago.

The husband and wife team were making photos of each other and my friend Wayne offered to make a photo of them together, an offer they happily accepted. I love it when that happens and it saddens me when people say, "No thanks". Just think of all the amazing photos people are missing out on!

Not too long later, after hearing him telling someone else that there were no etchings on the top of the Guidestones, I asked if they were going to publish the drone video. Sure enough, they were! And they did! Check it out here.

We had met Wesley Hall and wife and they were absolutely delightful! His website, Wesley Hall, has the awesome tagline of "urban drone pilot and aerial photographer | digital analytics pro" check him out!

Just gotta say, a simple "Hello" or "Would you like a photo together?" can lead to anything from a delightful encounter to a lifetime friendship. Give it a try!  

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Like the diverse languages on the Georgia Guidestones, the visitors when we went were also incredibly was awesome! There were bikers, gays, younger, older, and people of every skin tone and ethnicity you can imagine...for such a small footprint, it felt like we were on a United Nations field trip...all the representatives curious about the guidelines for the planet's future!

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Elberton, Georgia is only two hours northeast of Atlanta. Being the tourist I am—and at Wayne's recommendation—we made it a triple tour. We had lunch at The National in Athens, one of celebrity chef Hugh Acheson's restaurants; then we went to Watson Mill Bridge State Park, made some photos and hiked a bit; and then we went to the Georgia Guidestones. We made a day of it and what a fun day it was!

The Georgia Guidestones are out in the country. You can see them from the street, but they're also set against picturesque countryside, and there were a couple of donkeys in an adjacent pasture. It's a beautiful setting and you can get quite a few photos without the nearby telephone poles and wires.

FYI, the site is under video surveillance, so don't do anything you wouldn't want your mother to see on the 6 o'clock news! 

Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Georgia Guidestones | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Some of the stones have etched into them "EGA" enclosed with a circle, representing Elberton Granite Association. It might be etched on each of them, but I was too distracted by the whole of the Guidestones experience to investigate beyond seeing a handful of them.

Elbertton, Georgia is dubbed "The Granite Capital of the World". The town is only four square miles, but boasts approximately 45 granite quarries! Elberton Granite Association even created the Elberton Granite Museum, so be sure to stop by there, too!

You'll have to visit to make your own assessment, but some believe that the Georgia Guidestones are an elaborate hoax to increase tourism to Elberton, Georgia, which they have—and some believe that they're exactly what they claim to be—guidelines for the conservation of humanity.