Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cover: Statues of Greece, Rome, Asia, Egypt, Etc.

An Atlanta treasure, not well known but growing in popularity, is the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Located on the campus of the Emory University, Ancient Greece, Rome, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Egypt are very close to downtown.

Statue in the Michael C. Carlos Museum
Statue in the Michael C. Carlos Museum
The Michael C. Carlos Museum is one of my favorite in the city. Of the countless times I've been in the last couple of years (that's right, I lived here for 15 years the first time and never even knew this place existed), I always see something new. 

Having lived in Greece for more than two years, I'm particularly fascinated with the Greek and Roman gallery and its artifacts. But I'm equally impressed with the Ancient American gallery...the collections in this gallery are extensive and incredibly strong in conveying not-previously-known information about the various cultures right here on our own continent.

And for those who are fascinated with Ancient Egypt, the Carlos has the oldest Egyptian mummy in the Americas, as well as quite a few others including Tanakhtnettahat and Iawttayesheret...they're magnificent! The mummies, the visitor favorite of this gallery, are coupled with many other artifacts that speak to the Egyptian culture of their time.

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