Monday, July 23, 2012

Cover: Swan House

One of the most famous homes in Atlanta, recognized immediately by anyone who has lived here for even a brief while, is the once residence of the Edward H. Inman family...the Swan House. The house gets its name—Swan—not from a family member, but from the swan design elements found in the mansion.

Swan House, Atlanta History Center
The Swan House is on the 33-acre Atlanta History Center in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and just down the street from the Governor's Mansion (which offers a fantastic tour!).

I was graced with fortune when making this photo. The moon was visible for less than a minute. By time I called over the friend and fellow photographer I was visiting with, the clouds had already covered the moon and it was closing time, so no time to wait.

When you go to the Atlanta History Center, ask for tickets to tour the Swan House. Tours are timed and the tour group size is limited. You cannot get into the house without a tour ticket!

Another cool thing of note, the Atlanta History logo—the star in a circle—is also taken from the Swan House, but I'll let the tour guide give you the details on that.

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