Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Centennial Olympic Games Museum

Earlier today, the Atlanta History Center posted on their Facebook Page a photo of a 1948 Olympic Torch. They also surprised a number of their fans with the 'announcement' that they have the largest, on-display collection of Olympic torches in the United States.

Olympic Torch Collection at the Atlanta History Center
The collection is housed in the Center's spectacular Centennial Olympic Games Museum. I've been on numerous occasions and ALWAYS see something new. I lived here during the '96 Olympics—hosted by Atlanta—and have wonderful memories of that time...so seeing reminders like this give me an "at home" comfort.

The city-wide beautification projects, in preparation for the inevitable arrival of Olympic fans, were much needed and bought a lot of new art to Atlanta. The infrastructure updates were quite welcomed--including the high-occupancy traffic lanes that had actually been planned in the 1970s! It was a time of great transformation.

1948 Olympic Torch, Atlanta History Center
1948 Olympic Torch
on display at the Atlanta History Center
Everyone knows the more obvious '96 Olympic Games legacy attractions--Centennial Olympic Park (which actually wasn't part of the original plan!) and Turner Field (which was converted from our Olympic Stadium to a ball field after the Games), but not nearly enough locals know of the Centennial Olympic Games Museum. I hope that changes.

When you get to the Atlanta History Center, grab a map—you're going to need it because there's a LOT to see on the 33-acre complex—and note where the Museum is so that you're sure to experience it.

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