Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"The Light" at Horizon Theatre

A must-see, "The Light" at Horizon Theatre is brilliantly written and exquisitely acted by Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King. You will laugh. You will cry. You will have conversations. Playwright Loy A. Webb said, "I write to point toward hope. I want my work to be a neon sign in the darkness: This way out. This way to hope."

The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King
The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King

"The Light", onstage now through Sunday, April 17, was set to open just before COVID hit in 2020. Believe me when I say it was worth the wait. I'm extremely grateful that Horizon Theatre moved forward with this production and believe it to be the must-see for 2022!

But don't just take my word for it. Local actor, playwright, narrator, and activist Lee Osorio said in a social media post, "If you do not see @cynthiadbarker and @enochaking in this play, you will miss one of the most amazing and necessary pieces of theater. Go see this play. Do whatever you have to, but see this play."


The press release announcing the play shared, "A surprise marriage proposal takes an unexpected turn that upends the world of Genesis (Barker) and Rashad (King), forcing them to confront secrets from the past. The Light is a roller coaster journey of laughter, romance and reckoning that unfolds in real time, peeling away layers of truth, doubt, pain and ultimately, the power of love."

The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King
The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King


When I saw the cast announcement for this play I was ecstatic! Cynthia and Enoch are world-class performance artists...I recommend seeing everything they're in!

Suzi Bass award nominee Cynthia D. Barker has been seen at Horizon Theatre in Citizens Market, How to Use A Knife, and other popular plays. I love her work and she's a beautiful human being.

Atlanta native and film star Enoch King has been part of the Horizon Theatre family for nearly two decades, with credits including Sweet Water Taste, Constellations (which would be his breakout dramatic role), The Waffle Palace, and many years of The Santaland Diaries

Co-director, Marguerite Hannah, has been on this blog numerous times (The Waffle Palace, Freed Spirits) and is the only person pictured twice in my book, 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss. You'll find both photos of Marguerite in chapter 47 featuring Horizon Theatre. She's an absolute delight on stage and off.

"The Light is a present-day love story complicated by the many things that go unsaid," explains co-director Marguerite Hannah, Horizon's Associate Artistic Producer. "The characters explore many questions about love universally... They unearth the questions we have been taught not to ask: Is surviving our past enough? Is a Black woman's accomplishments and personal strengths a strong enough salve for emotional wounds? Is gender bias a tangible issue for a community historically defined by racial discrimination?" 

The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King
The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King

The first part of this play, set in Chicago in 2018, is funny—sometimes hilariousplayful, and romantic. In the second portion (75 minutes total, no intermission) things get serious and emotional. If you have a heart you'll want a tissue or at least a sleeve. The very last scene, the last moment of the play, is my personal favorite. Even the actors were in tears...impactful!

The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King
The Light | Horizon Theatre | Cynthia D. Barker and Enoch King

I recommend seeing this as soon as you can so that you can tell everyone about it and/or bring other friends and family to see it. Get your tickets here and—always a bonus in Atlanta—parking is FREE! If you happen to be at Horizon Theatre for the performance on Thursday the 14th, I'll see you then! "The Light" will be onstage through Sunday, April 17.


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