Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cover: A (Mid-century) Sunday Drive

On a day as gorgeous as today was, there's nothing quite like a relaxing Sunday Drive. Now, imagine doing it in a Nash "Metropolitan" Series III in "Sunburst Yellow" and contrasting "Snowberry White".

Nash Metropolitan Series III Hood Ornament
Nash Metropolitan Series III Hood Ornament

There's certainly no shortage of car clubs and car shows in Atlanta. And until we live in a world with all electric cars or 24th Century transporters, I find myself among those who are fascinated with cool old cars and futuristic concept cars.

Nash Metropolitan, Series III
The hood ornament in the above photo was first introduced in 1955 with the launch of the "Metropolitian" Series III. The Metropolitian was also one of if not the first "compact" cars in the United States...a departure from the "bigger is better" designs of the times.

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