Friday, August 17, 2012

Cover: Albino Alligator

There are more opportunities to see incredibly unique animals in Atlanta than anywhere I've been before...and I've seen a everything from a Toucan in the Argentine jungle to Moose in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming...and a few other things I have no idea what they were.

Alligators are no stranger to the southeast United States, but it's not every day that you get to see an albino alligator! This one resides at Georgia Aquarium with one other. There are fewer than 50 of these guys living in the United States, so a rare viewing opportunity indeed!

Albino Alligator at Georgia Aquarium
Albino Alligator at Georgia Aquarium
There's a LOT to see at Georgia Aquarium—the largest Aquarium in the world!—so head over and explore lake, rive, sea, and ocean life from around the world! Ask about their education and conservation efforts while you're there.

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Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I'm scared to death of alligators, and we have a ton of them down here in Fairhope, AL. There is also an albino gator in the New Orleans aquarium. Can you imagine if one of these attacked you in the wild? You would think it was a ghost-gator!

Beautiful, yet spooky too!

Travis Swann Taylor said...

Definitely spooky!

I just learned that we have an alligator farm here in Georgia that ships to the whole country. Raising chicken or cows is one thing...couldn't imagine the dreams I'd have living on an alligator farm!