Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Atlanta Architecture: Peachtree-101

You know, one of the things I love about Atlanta is its architecture, especially her skyscrapers. As a matter of fact, for the nine years I lived in D.C., and many of my friends will attest to this, one of the major things I missed was a skyline. So, you can imagine my delight when I returned to discover that ours had grown as beautifully as it had exponentially.

1180 Peachtree
1180 Peachtree
But, how about this...we all know that there are more than 60 streets in Atlanta that contain the word "Peachtree", right? Do you know how many buildings in Atlanta contain the name "Peachtree"?

Go on, take a wild guess.

Of only the buildings in Atlanta that are more than 25 stories tall, there are 12 buildings that contain the name "Peachtree"! Amazing, right?!

Here's the list...of the ones I know:

That's a lot of Peachtrees! And I love "Peachtree", but if another developer announces a building name that's no more creative than the building's address, I swear I'm going to launch a campaign!

Not really, but c'mon...a little more creativity, please. Your buildings are gorgeous...they deserve a more than a common street address name. Just sayin'.

Well, enjoy the above pre-sized Facebook Cover Photo...and there are more architectural Covers coming in the near-term. In the meantime, head over to the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook Page to enjoy other Covers and stories. 



Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Just Peachy! - Ha!

Love Atlanta and your blog!

Travis Swann Taylor said...

Thank you! It's such a fun and fascinating city to explore. Honestly, I never knew just how much we have to offer until I started blogging about it!