Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cover: Egyptian Ballroom Balcony

If you've ever had the privilege of attending an event (or even better, hosting an event) in the Egyptian Ballroom at The Fox Theatre, you've experienced the remarkable grandeur of the 1929 architectural marvel.

Egyptian Ballroom Balcony, The Fox Theatre
Egyptian Ballroom Balcony
The Fox Theatre
I've discussed The Fox Theatre before...I guess my childhood fascination with Ancient Egypt brings me back to it again and again. It's certainly no less fascinating today.

With its 25' ceilings (and 30' clerestories!), the 90' by 76' ballroom is impressive indeed! The relief in the above image—featuring a Solar Disk (representing the sun god Ra), cobras, and wings—is on the face of the balcony, which runs the width of the ballroom. 

This symbol is repeated throughout the room, once over the main stage and flanking all sides of the room in the carpet. The room is stunning and even more so when set for an event.

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