Sunday, January 27, 2013

Terminus 100

As I'm sure is the case with some of you, I'm very curious about specific buildings when out driving around, either purposefully or leisurely (although there never seems enough time for the latter). There are a LOT of Atlanta buildings I find fascinating, including the 27-story Terminus 100.

Terminus 100 in Buckhead
Terminus 100 in Buckhead
And what a great name! "Terminus" was the first name given to the bustling railroad town that would eventually—after several name changes—become known as...the City of Atlanta.

Terminus 100 is located in the heart of the thriving neighborhood of Buckhead, where visitors will find the finest shops, phenomenal restaurants, and more luxury automobiles than I've ever seen. The subjects of Atlanta's society pages can be found in Buckhead.

If you're an architecture enthusiast, check out the building and you're also welcome to copy the above pre-sized for Facebook (Cover Photo) photograph for use on your own page. Stop by the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook Page for more!

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