Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring is Around the Corner...Gardens Included!

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is an absolute must for your spring touring agenda. It's approximately 100 acres more than our local Botanical Garden (they're about 130 acres) and although not as developed, it's totally worth a visit!

State Botanical Garden of Georgia
State Botanical Garden of Georgia
This photo, sized for use as a Facebook Cover Photo, was on a visit last summer made by my friend Barry Holland. It was a perfect time to visit...there was soooooo much in bloom!

There's a LOT to this Garden and I can hardly wait to go back.It's an expanding Garden, so every visit promises something new...which is a great reason to visit often,right?!

Before you head to Athens, check out other things to do, just be sure to devote plenty of time to exploring the Garden...that'll be at least half a day.

Have fun!

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