Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remember to Look Up

Remember to look up once and a while. You might be surprised at what you see.

The Fox Theatre & Bank of America Plaza
The Fox Theatre & Bank of America Plaza

I really like this photo. I'd been at this vantage point a bazillion times before, but never noticed how these two structures fit together like a puzzle, while showing the incredibly wide range of architecture in Atlanta. 

And I only would have noticed it at the exact point where I happened to look up. Remember the Swan House photo I made this summer when the moon was uncovered for just a moment? Again, this was superbly serendipitous.

Just for the record, this is The Fox Theatre (left) and the Bank of America Plaza (right). The Fox is Moorish in design and opened in 1939 and the Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta's tallest building (and the tallest in the Southeast as well as the tallest building in any state capital), is of postmodern design and opened in 1992. Quite a difference to fit together so well, right?

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