Monday, November 26, 2012

A Sigh of Acanthus Relief

When I look at artistry of something this beautiful—a Roman acanthus relief dating to the first quarter of the first Century A.D.—I count myself lucky to have such beauty readily available right here in Atlanta. 

Roman Acanthus Relief, Michael C. Carlos Museum
Roman Acanthus Relief,
Michael C. Carlos Museum
Did you know that the acanthus plant is the inspiration for Corinthian capitols?

This particular piece has a companion that was found in a church in Rome, both of Cararra marble, which was favored by Michelangelo. Friends just had Cararra marble counter tops installed in their new home and they're gorgeous, so I can imagine the splendor of this piece on the day of its unveiling. Stunning...absolutely stunning!

This, and many others like it, are on display at the Michael C. Carlos Museum (which I've blogged about on multiple occasions) of Atlanta's finest hidden treasures. 

Well, I've been awake since 2:30 a.m., making it an 18-hour day so far (from work, I went to a volunteer gig...just now home). Therefore, that's all I'm writing tonight. But I'll have more gorgeousness for you soon!


Terry said...

I've never seen an acanthus plant, or even a picture. Look fine in stone though.

Travis S. Taylor said...

They look a lot like the stone carvings...really. I saw quite a few on the UGA campus in Athens earlier this year. They look treacherous, but they're beautiful at the same time.