Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Decades Later It Still Rings of Modernism

No, those aren't giant Legos stuck to the sides of the 47-floor AT&T Building...they'e just part of its modernism architecture. Located next door to The Fox Theatre, the skyscraper was decades ago called the Bell South Building. And I remember it well. 

How could anyone who regularly attends the Fox not know this building? And visitors will recognize it easily because of the AT&T logo jewel crowning the building. 

This photograph I made on the way to the car from a show at the Fox, not too long ago. I'd walked this path and actually take this shot before, but never got around to publishing one. I've always found this particular view rather striking. (It could almost be a Stormtrooper facility!)

AT&T Building
AT&T Building
I try to (almost) always have a camera with me...even if it's just a (high megapixel) point-and-shoot camera. 

Actually, truth be told, I think a lot would be hard pressed to tell which of the photos on wanderlust ATLANTA were shot with my little tourist camera and which with my much more expensive, high-end camera. 

Meaning, you don't have to spend a lot for great snapshots. With that said, I recommend hiring a professional for the life moments that really matter. 

There are a LOT of brilliant photographers in Atlanta. Some of my personal favorites include the talent of Nadia D. Photography. Nadia's beauty is stunning, inside and out...and her work is remarkable! Another favorite is PWP Studio. Patrick is engaging, fun, smart, and an all around great guy! And Greg and Sandra of Picture This! Photography are a super sweet couple who make beautiful photographs. 

I've had the honor of working with all of these folks and wouldn't recommend them if they weren't incredibly talented and the friendliest in the business.

Bottom line, as a tourist, it's all about serendipity! Be prepared to mitigate those moments of "I wish I'd had a camera!" Even if it's just your phone camera...snap the shot so you remember the place and can come back to it later with better equipment or another time when the lighting is optimal. 

Well...I started writing about a skyscraper and got off on photography, but I love making photos of architecture, so I'm not so far off base. Want to see more photos, head over to the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook page

Now go shutterbugging!

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