Friday, November 9, 2012

Lunch at The Sundial

The same friend I was talking about a couple of days ago, the one who is coming in from Washington, D.C. this weekend, made lunch reservations at The Sundial at my recommendation. He's traveling with his mother...such a good son!

191 Tower as seen from the Sundial Restaurant
191 Peachtree Tower as seen from the Sundial
I've dined at The Sundial numerous times and it's always been pleasant...I mean, what's not fabulous about dining 72 stories above Atlanta while sightseeing from your seat as the floor revolves 360 revealing our great city?

I remember back to 1988 and a server who commented on how much my date and I enjoyed our "Bucket of Shrimp" appetizer (it was much more elegant than it sounds—it was basically a huge shrimp cocktail presented in a champagne bucket). Didn't care that he remarked on our was really, really good!

I've taken my own mother to The Sundial, who thoroughly enjoyed the view, the conversation starters, the relaxed's a great tourist restaurant without being too much of a tourist trap. Did I mention the incredible view?.

You're going to love the view! The skyscraper in this photo is the 191 Peachtree Tower, which is home to quite a few law firms. You can see that you're actually "inside" Atlanta's skyline while you're at The Sundial...pretty cool, I think.

Check out their website for menus and other information, including "The View" (free as a restaurant patron), etc. If you're one of our beloved tourists, go to The have to eat and this is a tourist attraction that doubles as a brunch, lunch and/or dinner. 

While you're online, please head over to the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook Page and have a look around. And check out here on the blog some of my former posts on the Westin Peachtree Plaza and The Sundial. Have fun!

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