Friday, March 1, 2013

Historic Forth Ward Park (Preview)

I recently went to the new Historic Fourth Ward Park…I was amazed! A great deal of the Park is below the 100 Year Storm mark (I had to look up exactly what that meant...I've never claimed to be a meteorologist). You would never, ever know that the majority of this Park—a stone water-retention pond—is below street level.

Fountain at Historic Fourth Ward Park
Fountain at Historic Fourth Ward Park
So, if you’re driving by trying to decide whether or not to check out the Atlanta Beltline-adjacent Park, don’t be deceived by what you see from the car…you have to get out and venture “into” the Park to enjoy its full glory—where you'll find lots of beautiful features and places to relax.

Keep an eye out for a full post on the Historic Fourth WardPark, which is immediately behind the currently under renovation/construction Ponce City Market.

In the meantime, enjoy this pre-sized Facebook Cover Photo of one of the water features in the Park. Head over to the wanderlust ATLANTA Facebook Page, and right after clicking that “Like” button, check out the other Facebook Cover Photos…all for you to use as you like!


Terry said...

Went to a great wedding in the amphitheater on the lake.

Travis S. Taylor said...

@Terry...I was blown away! Had no idea all that was down there...want to go back to explore the rest of the Park. I bet the wedding was spectacular--what a great spot!