Friday, March 29, 2013

Architecture Graveyard

There's a small "architecture graveyard" in the back yard of a domicile in Grant Park that once sat neighbor-less on 600 acres. This is not a post about that graveyard or that home, but it is an invitation to come back soon to learn more about both.

Architecture Graveyard at the L. P. Grant Mansion
Architecture Graveyard at the L. P. Grant Mansion
We discovered this graveyard on of the recent Phoenix Flies tours, presented by the Atlanta Preservation Center. The tour was of the L. P. Grant Mansion, which is also headquarters of the Center, which I didn't know before going, so that added to its cool factor.

There's lots and lots to share about this tour, but if you'd like to do a little research before that post is published, check out the Atlanta Preservation Center's website, where there is lots of information about the Center and the Atlanta properties they're trying to save.

See all of you architecture and history buffs back here soon!

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