Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ATLANTApix: Go to the Top

Atlanta Skyline, from a rooftop parking deck
Atlanta Skyline (from a rooftop parking deck)
There is all kinds of advice for tourists and of course most of it is based on the experience of the giver of said advice. One tip that I'd like to offer, as a tourist who always has a camera handy, is to always park at the top of a parking deck.

Especially in places like downtown Atlanta, when you park on the rooftop parking level, you often will have some incredible views of the city's skyline and some very unique views, that you just don't get at ground level, of various buildings, parks, and attractions.

The same goes for dining establishments with rooftop patios or rooftop bars, such as the AltoRex Rooftop Lounge at the Hotel Palomar in Midtown. Go to the top and enjoy the view. Your friends will call you 'hero' for making great photos of them in an ultra-hip atmosphere and you'll enjoy the skyline photos you snap during the same outing.

ATLANTApix of the tourATLANTA blog features a "photo-of-the-day" of Atlanta. Come back tomorrow for a new one!

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