Sunday, January 2, 2011

ATLANTApix: Symphony Tower

1180 Peachtree, also called Symphony Tower
1180 Peachtree (Symphony Tower)
One of Midtown's more remarkable signature skyscrapers, and one of Atlanta's top 10 tallest, is Symphony Tower, officially named 1180 Peachtree. Topping the building are unique "fins" that are illuminated at night to create a dramatic impact within the Atlanta skyline.

The fins have been described as "gothic," but being the sci-fi fan that I am, when I first saw the fins, I immediately thought Resurrection Ship from Battlestar Galactica...but then again, I see sci-fi everywhere.

The 41-floor Symphony Tower was completed in 2006. Occupying more than half of the building, the Atlanta-based law firm King & Spalding is the primary tenant of 1180 Peachtree. Also in the building are several commercial and retail establishments, including the always busy Tap (which has a great offer for High Museum of Art visitors).

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Deb50thensome said...

Amazing. Speechless.

Deb50thensome said...

Amazing. Speechless.

RevPhil said...

The "fins" and Nashville AT&T building appear simular. Then the St. Louis arch. It appears that all these structures were uniquely fashioned for hidden and nefarious reasons. Are they being used to house instrumentation to communicate with life forms in the heavenlies?

judasanjoy said...

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