Monday, January 3, 2011

ATLANTApix: Squirrely Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park Resident - Squirrel
Piedmont Park Resident (squirrel)
Yes, it's winter, but there's activity in Piedmont Park and it's more than just our furry little squirrel friends running around looking for their dinner. 

There is ice skating in a heated tent with rink-side entertainment and dining (Piedmont on Ice). Yes, you can skate "outside" without the fear of losing appendages to frostbite. And Park Tavern, the operator of The Rink, has a mouth-watering menu and specialty drinks to help keep you warm.

You'll also see quite a few folks walking their four-legged friends in Piedmont Dog Park, which hosts a number of canine-themed events throughout the year, including the "Splish Splash Doggie Bash."

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I love visiting Squirrely Piedmont Park! It's a great spot for a relaxing walk or bike ride on the trails, with the beautiful lake and all the wildlife. The park is well-maintained and always a joy to spend time in.