Friday, December 10, 2010

ATLANTApix: Oceans Ballroom

Oceans Ballroom in Georgia Aquarium
Oceans Ballroom in Georgia Aquarium
Boasting the title as Atlanta's top attraction, Georgia Aquarium offers its Oceans Ballroom for special events, meetings, and even weddings. 

The last time I was in Oceans Ballroom, it was between events, so all visitors could check out the venue. The time before that there was the coolest antique car show...a stark contrast to the wet world of ocean life, yet it was a perfect setting for land-lovers and their autos. As a tourist, be sure to stop by to ensure you don't miss a really cool exhibit.

With its ceiling waves awash with soothing colors, its portals to the Aquarium (where you can see whales, sharks and rays while dining, dancing or listening to an inspirational speech), and catering by Wolfgang Puck Catering, the Oceans Ballroom is certain to provide the setting for an exciting, long-remembered event...or cool exhibit, whichever you see first.

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