Friday, December 31, 2010

ATLANTApix: Georgia on My Mind

Georgia State Capitol Building
As I reflect on 2010, the one thing that I'm happiest about is being "home" Atlanta.

"What's so great about it," one might ask. So many things come to mind, but to name a few: her majestic skyline; her international culture; her phenomenal arts scene; her palette of restaurants; her moderate climate; all her incredible attractions and events...but most of all, I can say with 100% confidence, the best thing about Atlanta is her people.

Atlanta is the heart and soul of southern hospitality. I've never met friendlier people...people from all walks of  life, from every socioeconomic  background, from children to young professionals to Atlanta's cherished seniors, you'll not find a more beautiful hive of generosity and kindness.

By the way, today's photo is the dome of the Georgia State Capitol Building, topped with the statue "Freedom," where the American and Georgia flags fly every day.

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