Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Wonderful Women of Dragon*Con

The end-of-summer three-day weekend will be here before you know it! I can hardly wait for Dragon*Con, and all its bounty...I mean fun, yea, that's it, "fun".

In the past, I've posted about the men and women of Dragon*Con. I'd like to do that again this year. We can all relate to celebrating with kindred souls...that's what Dragon*Con is for me. That I get to do that with tens of thousands of kindred souls...that's pretty damn awesome!

The Wonderful Women of Dragon*Con
The Wonderful Women of Dragon*Con
This collection of 'Women of Dragon*Con' are conventioneers from the 2012 Dragon*Con. Beautiful, sexy, charming, exciting...and I bet any one of them would kick your butt if you called them a geek in a negative tone. That's right...these ladies are bad ass! They're also ladies...let's never forget that.

While fellow conventioneers are a huge draw for me, I'm also there to see the celebrities. The lineup this year is looking pretty amazing, and it's not nearly complete, so check the website's "Who To See" section regularly for new additions. 

A few of the women guests who I personally am looking forward to seeing this year, include:

I recall vividly how star struck I was last year when I met Nichelle Nichols (Uhura on Star Trek)...what an amazing woman she is! When I asked her if she still enjoys doing conventions, she told me, "I don't do anything that doesn't bring joy to my life." Like I said...a wonderful woman!

Well, if you're thinking about attending Dragon*Con, the sooner you get your tickets (membership), the more you save. I got mine last year!

If you don't make it to the Con, at least go to the Dragon*Con Parade, usually the Saturday morning of the Con...which is open and free to all.

And when you're down there...remember to act respectful of the women at Dragon*Con. They're ladies having fun, that's all. And really, how sad would it be to get your butt kicked by a girl, especially a girl wearing a Hello Kitty costume!

Thank you ladies, one and all, for bringing such beauty and fun to Dragon*Con!


Anonymous said...

I like that you tried to respect women at the end of this by telling people to be respectful and then you screwed that up by talking about how sad it would be to be beaten up by a girl.

Travis S. Taylor said...

Dear Anonymous: Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the feedback. My apologies if my final comment conveyed any kind of disrespect toward women...that certainly was not the intention. I find any disrespect of women sad and downright inexcusable (many of the women in my family have been horribly abused, including my own mother, so I'm highly sensitive of respecting women). My intent was to bring attention to the fact that we Dragon Con conventioneers (2014 was my 5th year) are not the frail "freaks and geeks" that traditional media so often portray us to be. That the women especially are remarkable, commendable, talented, strong in character and courage, and are there to have a great Con, so don't mess with them. In my view, Dragon Con women are quite special...and many of them are friends.