Saturday, May 4, 2013

Party With the Past - Gatsby Style

For its seventh "Party With the Past" (PWTP) event, the Atlanta History Center helped us party like it was 1929...Gatsby style! Hosted at the Swan House and on the Swan House lawn, a huge portion of the hundreds of PWTPers were in Roaring Twenties costume. 

Many of us enjoyed a "Bootleggers Tea" or a "Bee's Knees" specialty cocktail, played croquet on the lawn, or posed for snapshots in the Gatsby photo booth...all to the tune of 1920s music. 

It was a grand evening Mrs. Inman would likely have enjoyed herself given that she and her husband built the 1928 mansion specifically for entertaining!

That's me, Travis, at Party With the Past at the Swan House
That's me, Travis, at Party With the Past at the Swan House
They kept their promise of "Free History, Cold Beer" with a presentation by the Swan House Manager of the history of the Swan House—which to my astonishment, given the minuscule attention span people have today, was listened to with great interest from a hushed crowd.

The presentation was highly interesting and as many times as I've visited the Atlanta History Center and toured the Swan House, I still learned something that!

Swan House marble floor
Swan House marble floor
A wonderful, wonderful treat was self-guided tours of the first floor of the Swan House. There were docents throughout to answer any questions visitors had—a nice touch—AND they were letting people make photographs!

On regular tours of the Center's historic homes, photographs are not permitted, so I didn't bother to bring my camera. The couple of photos in this post were made with my phone, but the others are of a quality that's too embarrassing to post. Hopefully one day the same opportunity will present itself and I'll have a real camera in-hand.

In the meantime, sign up for Atlanta History Center announcements (bottom of page on website) and "Like" them on Facebook for announcements of future Party With the Past events and other fantastic programming!


Terry said...

Travis, you look like you own the place.

Travis S. Taylor said...

LOL...thanks, Terry. Such a beautiful place to call home!

Teresa said...

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