Saturday, September 3, 2011

ATLANTApix: Coastal States Building

Coastal States Building
Coastal States Building
Quick to prove that Atlanta's designation as a "city of glass" is not at all new, the Coastal States Building, sometimes called the Coastal States Insurance Building, brings attention to the fact that it was in actually erected in 1971...40 years ago!

I myself have been guilty of saying that Atlanta has become a city of glass as of recent years, but the more I explore, the more I realize that glass buildings have been a significant part of the Atlanta skyline for many, many years. Maybe the development spurt of the 70s, with all the cement buildings of that decade, skewed my perception...or I was too busy noticing all the new buildings and not the ones I've known for years.

Centennial Tower is a prime example. A building that just by looking at it you would think was a relatively recent addition to the city. Not quite. It was constructed in 1975. And the world-famous Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, the 73-story glass was built in 1973. 

So, as it turns out, I was totally off in my assumption. I should have said that "even more stunning stems have been added to the city-of-glass bouquet that we know as Atlanta."

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