Saturday, July 30, 2011

ATLANTApix: Half-Birthday at RA Sushi

Sliced Fish logo of RA Sushi
"Sliced Fish" Logo of RA Sushi
I received in the last few days my "half-birthday" gift from RA Sushi...a $20 gift certificate jsut for being born! (Oh, and for joining their mailing list...totally worth it!) You don't like sushi?! Neither did I when I first had it, but I'm not one to give up quite so easily. 

I started with the California Rolls and then moved up to "cooked" sushi, eventually building the courage to try raw fish. My most adventurous sushi experience--a nine course sushi flight--was at a restaurant in Washington, DC's Dupont Circle called Sushi Taro, awarded DC's Best Sushi. Today, I'm a huge fan of most anything with sushi-grade tuna.

You can imagine how excited I was to find a sushi restaurant in Atlanta of the same superior caliber, but with a lot more "fun" thrown in. RA Sushi is beyond phenomenal! And I love their "sliced fish" logo (photo).

RA Sushi has: tempting offers - Friends With Benefits is when you bring a friend to lunch on a Tuesday and one of you receives a complimentary meal, Facebook coupon required (find more deals on Facebook); special events - I wrote about "Mardi RA" earlier this year ("like" RA Sushi on FacebookFlying Sushi" and "Postcards From RA" on their website. to learn about more upcoming events); and fun - check out "

While you're enjoying a game of Flying Sushi, I'm heading over to RA Sushi with a few friends to cash in my half-birthday gift. I foresee their Cinnamon Tempura Ice Cream in my near future.

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