Friday, July 22, 2011

ATLANTApix: Fragrance Garden

Fragrance Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Fragrance Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
The Fragrance Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of three gardens that were constructed before the Atlanta Botanical Garden was founded in 1976. The Atlanta Bonsai Society constructed the Japanese Garden in 1967, the Atlanta Rose Society constructed the Rose Garden (since reconstructed), and the Fragrance Garden was created for the blind.

The Fragrance Garden is probably one of the least visited areas in the Garden, a loss for those who miss it. It's the one place in the garden where touching (not picking) and smelling is enthusiastically encouraged.  For me, the Fragrance Garden is a respite within a respite...but I would love to see more visitors enjoy the serenity of this space, watched over by a modest statue of Pan.

The Fragrance Garden's 1985 restoration was given in memory of Jane Seydel by her family.

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Is a plant list available?

Travis S. Taylor said...

Hi John!That's an excellent question for the Garden's "Plant Hotline". You can call them or email them with any plant related questions. I've used this awesome resource many times over the years and have consistently met with getting what I needed and in a friendly manner. Thanks for the great question!

Shannon Duke said...

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