Saturday, April 2, 2011

ATLANTApix: Atlanta Braves Day One 2011

Sky Field at Turner Field
Sky Field at Turner Field, Home of the Braves
Today, the Atlanta Braves (Go Braves!!!) kick off the 2011 baseball season in a game with the Washington Nationals at Nationals Field in Washington, D.C. (where I lived for nine years before returning to Atlanta). You hardly have to use your imagination to know who I'm pulling for...

The best part about being a Braves fan? Well, there are too many to mention here, but one of them is being able to walk onto Turner Field during one of their tours. And the view from Sky Field (photo), including the full Atlanta skyline, is definitely a home run!

When you go to a Braves game this season and it's one of the really, really, really hot days, remember that you can go up to Sky Field and stroll through the misters to cool off...just remember your sunscreen so you don't burn!

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Terry said...

The undefeated Bravos.