Sunday, April 10, 2011

ATLANTApix: Photo with a Frog?

Frog at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Frog at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
The Atlanta Botanical Garden takes its frogs very seriously ... while at the same time having leaping loads of fun!

There are several human-size frogs throughout the Garden anxiously waiting to make photos with visitors ... they're such hams for the camera!

There's one near the Hardin Visitor Center (photo), one next to the fountain at the entrance to the Great Lawn, and quite a few in the Children's Garden. And I've seen visitors of all ages, myself included, enjoying posing with one of the Garden's giant frogs.

Also fun, there's a daily frog feeding (really!) in front of the Fuqua Conservatory, their most active time of the day. If you miss feeding time, you can always visit some of the resident frogs just inside the Conservatory doors to the right or left.

On a more serious note (and rather impressive if you ask me), the Atlanta Botanical Garden conducts amphibian research (lots of frogs!). The Garden is involved in an effort to preserve critically endangered frogs by housing them in breeding colonies ... these frog species in the wild are in danger of soon becoming extinct.

What will never go extinct is the Atlanta Botanical Garden's sincere involvement in serious research, preservation, and conservation and their abundant sense of great fun ... all of which visitors to Atlanta can enjoy!

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