Sunday, November 4, 2018

Dreams do come true...I'm going to be an AUTHOR!

Big News!!! I'm going to be an author! An AUTHOR!!!

A few days ago I executed a contract with Emons Publishing, in Cologne, Germany, to author a tourism book about Atlanta! This is a dream come true for me, one I've dreamed of for most of my life. 

Travis Swann Taylor | Author "111 Places Atlanta"
Travis Swann Taylor | Author "111 Places Atlanta"

Emons has books about cities all over the world and they've contracted with me--yes, me!--to author their tourism book about Atlanta! It's a perfect pairing, if I say so myself!

Okay, the photo above is the 'author photo' that will appear in the book (already submitted). Yes, it's slightly Photoshopped, but I left plenty of wrinkles so that it's authentic and I seem to always be a little sunburned in the warmer months. And by time the book comes out, I'll be that slender again. Just sayin' 

Oh, and I'm the photographer for the book!!! Another dream come true! I'm so fortunate to be an author and photographer of a book! I'll officially be a paid author and a professional photographer! Yes, they're paying me to write the book and I'll receive royalties! And hopefully the book will be translated into other languages, for which I'll receive additional royalties.

This series of books is written for locals (and experienced travelers) and is about places that even locals may not know about, or places that have stories that locals may not know about. It's about places that have unique stories or that are fascinating in some way that make them interesting to one who enjoys wanderlusting.

I've had friends ask, "Why are you spending so much time blogging when you're not even making money for it?THIS is exactly why. 

After a certain point, I knew my blog would lead to something more and becoming an author is the best thing I could have imagined happening as a result of blogging. Looking back, I learned more about Atlanta after blogging for one year than I had in the 15 years I lived here before moving back in 2010. 

In the beginning, the blog was an exercise to reacquaint myself with a changed Atlanta (I lived here 15 years, moved to DC for 9 and moved back in 2010). I was only going to blog for 1 year, but I was having so much fun I kept on doing it. Then it became part of who I am. And then I started meeting people who read my blog! I was hooked!

Virginia Willis, Travis Swann Taylor, Nathalie Dupree at The Cook's Warehouse
Virginia Willis, Travis Swann Taylor, Nathalie Dupree at The Cook's Warehouse

I owe ton of gratitude to celebrity chef and cookbook author Virginia Willis. It was last November when at a cooking class at The Cook's Warehouse with Virginia Willis and Nathalie Dupree (I've been a fan of Virginia's for years, but this was the first time I met Nathalie) that this opportunity was presented to me. 

Emons had approached Chef Virginia about writing the book, but she did not have the time to write it, but she knew me and my blog "wanderlust ATLANTA" so she recommended me to Emons as the perfect candidate to write the book they wanted. Very soon after I virtually met Karen--the Editor in Chief for North America--and have worked with her (she's so AWESOME!) for more than 10 months to get to the point of the contract.

You'll also see me using my full name--Travis Swann Taylor--because there's already a Travis S. Taylor in the area. He works in aerospace, as I did when I lived in DC, and he's a science-fiction author--I've been a sci-fi fan since watching Star Trek reruns when I was a kid. I very much admire the other Travis, thus the distinction of name for my book.

111 Places | 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss
111 Places | 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss

The book title will be "111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss". It'll be in Emons' series of books that's written for "locals and experienced travelers". The series covers cities all over the world and they've tapped me for Atlanta!!! I'm so excited!

The next step for the publisher is to approve the book cover, which I've requested to have a phoenix--Atlanta has risen from the ashes more than once--and to be in the colors of the flag of the City of Atlanta. We'll see.

The book will also include places outside of City of Atlanta, within Metro Atlanta. I don't know yet just how far-reaching to book will go, but it will include a lot of places that even locals don't know about and aspects of known places that even locals don't know about. 

My blogging journey has always been to encourage locals to explore their own backyards, so this is such a perfect match!

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I want to thank my dear, dear friend Shelley Pedersen who passed away earlier this year. She lived with pancreatic cancer for more than two incredibly brave woman! Shelley was the friend and colleague who introduced me to Les Dames d'Escoffier International - Atlanta Chapter to photograph their event marking Julia Child's 100th birthday at the Academy of Medicine in Midtown. After that, I was the Chapter's photographer for 4.5 years. A wonderful experience! I miss Shelley so much!

I also want to thank my friend Barry Holland who has been with me for the greatest majority of my blogging experiences. He's also the one who made my soon-to-be author photo! He's one of those friends who doesn't judge, is totally supportive, and encourages one to chase their dreams until they come true. Thank you, Barry!

I am so incredibly excited to share with everyone that I'm going to be an author! I have very aggressive deadlines now through next November, then the book goes to print and we'll have the launch parties in spring 2020, a number of which I'm already planning! 

Thank you, thank you, to all who have been fans and have supported "wanderlust ATLANTA" over the years. I'm so excited to bring you my very first book! 

Please ask any questions you may have.

Thank you, thank you!!!


Terry said...

Bravo Travis.

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Congratulations, Travis!!!! Happy for you... Now you have to put your marketing cap on and promote the heck out the your book. I am sure it will be a hit.

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Travis, I am so excited for you and sooooo proud!!! Xo. Dvb