Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"Thank you!" wanderlust ATLANTA is 5!

I'd like to offer my sincerest gratitude to friends, museums, attractions, fellow bloggers and so many others for your wonderful support of wanderlust ATLANTA over the last FIVE years. 

It was five years ago today that I published my very first blog post. What started as an endeavor to reacquaint myself with Atlanta, after being away for nine years, has turned into a passion, and many dear friendships.

Travis S. Taylor, Founder & Author, wanderlust ATLANTA
Travis S. Taylor, Founder & Author of wanderlust ATLANTA

In a spirit of gratefulness, may I share something that is quite personal to me, and a bit fun. As I thank my supporters from over the years, I'd also like to "salute" you. The most personal salute I can give is one that is near and dear to my heart, that being the Vulcan Salute

For those who do not know, the Vulcan Salute is one offered in greeting and farewells, but don't worry...I'm not quite ready to depart my writing. The customary Spock salute is coupled with, "Live Long and Prosper", which is what I wish for all who I care about, all who have wished me the same in my creating and continuing wanderlust ATLANTA.  

The above photo is one of my favorites in the five years I've been writing wanderlust ATLANTA. It was at an event at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, where I started volunteering when I first moved back to Atlanta—one of the best decisions I made when I moved back.

May I offer a piece of advice: If you've just moved to Atlanta, or just moved to any city for that matter, become a volunteer. It's one of the best ways to acquaint yourself with the city you're now living in and you feel good about contributing! I did exactly that when I first moved to Washington, DC, after living in Atlanta for 15 years, and again when I moved back to Atlanta. 

I highly recommend volunteering, especially if you can get a position working an information desk or serving as a tour guide. You're putting yourself in a position where you must learn about your new home, and it's usually quite fun. From personal experience, it's the best way I know to learn a new town. Or, you could start a blog.

Again, THANK YOU to my friends, fans and all the followers of wanderlust ATLANTA. I've had more fun in the last five years than I ever thought I would have...thanks to YOU.


Cheers! wanderlust ATLANTA is 5!
Cheers! wanderlust ATLANTA is 5!

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Terry said...

Bravo and thanks so much.