Saturday, August 22, 2015

There are ROBOTS at Fernbank!

"Walking is controlled falling."

That’s one of the epiphanies you'll glean when watching National Geographic's ROBOTS, released summer 2015 and now playing at Fernbank Museum of NaturalHistory.

At first, I wondered why a natural history museum would be showing a movie about robots, but quickly reconciled that in my mind. Natural history is the study (particularly observational) of origins, evolution, and interrelationships. In this particular instance, it's an exploration of the progress and potential of robots...created by and for humans. I for one and ecstatic that this is being shared at Fernbank!

National Geographic's "ROBOTS" | Poster courtesy of National Geographic
National Geographic's "ROBOTS" | Poster courtesy of National Geographic

Have I ever told you that I cried myself to sleep after witnessing the fate of Huey, Dewey and Louie, the robot stars of the sci-fi classic Silent Running? It was a film that my family watched one evening when I was only seven years old. It's true I was a sensitive child, but also I was already an established sci-fi enthusiast!

You can only imagine my excitement for the new IMAX film, ROBOTS, now playing at Fernbank Museum of Natural History!

Building my excitement leading up to seeing the movie, it's narrated by Robo Thespian whose voice is that of none other than Simon Pegg himself—star of Shawn of the Dead (LOVED that one), and even more so as the star, Scotty, in the last two Star Trek films!

You're going to meet robots from all over the world and the film highlights the featured aptitudes of each of those robot. You'll also be introduced to many humanoid robots, including: 
  • "ASIMO": Honda's famed humanoid can jump and run up to 5 mph.
  • "HERB THE BUTLER": Thanks to this helper, we may never have to clear the table or do dishes again.
  • "ROBONAUT": NASA’s space handyman helps astronauts aboard the International Space Station.
  • ANDROIDS: The human face has over 40 muscles to express emotions like fear, anger, surprise, happiness — and these androids are programmed to simulate these human-like behaviors. One day, they may be built to think, act and react like us.
That's only a few of them! And watch the credits for a mention of Georgia Tech as a film advisor!

By the way, the freighter ships in Silent Running were later used in an episode of the original Battlestar Galacica, which was a childhood favorite series and featured the human-created robotic race of Cylons!

A quick a young child, I wanted nothing more than to be an archaeologist, long before I wanted to be an astronaut. I find it pretty awesome that as an adult I get to write about both fields from time to time. 

If you're visiting over a weekend, I invite you to consider adding Martinis & IMAX to your Friday night itinerary. You have the opportunity to enjoy food, drinks, dancing with the dinos AND an IMAX film!

If you're a local, check out Martinis & IMAX and keep an eye on Fernbank Museum of Natural History's website for announcements of new films, events and exhibitions...there's a LOT of fun coming up! 

ROBOTS is running now through Thursday, October 29.

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