Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dream Cars is Approaching the Finish Line

Dream Cars is on its final lap. 

Extended for one week, the exhibition crosses the finish line on Sunday, September 14. If you've not yet experienced Dream Cars at the High Museum of Art, you have only one week remaining to do get yourself over there and prepare to be amazed!

Dream Cars | High Museum of Art
Dream Cars | High Museum of Art

Here's what others have had to say about Dream Cars

CNN: These vehicles were designed to look like the future.

Atlanta opportunities to experiment with new technology.

Field Trips With Sue...that is similar to a thick speedo swimsuit.

Atlanta Business Chronicle: ...including some rarities

Motor Authority: ...the phrase can take on a more literal meaning.

Access Atlanta: have a look...

And of course I had a little something to share about the exhibition here on wanderlust ATLANTA...approximately $10, 1947 dollars.

I'm betting that you'll find Dream Cars to be a checkered-flag winner!

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