Friday, April 26, 2013


Realm clearly demonstrates the realm of possibilities of condo living in Atlanta... amenities galore!

From time to time I write about various buildings in Atlanta, usually the taller buildings because those are the ones that tourists see first. When I'm a tourist in a city that I'm unfamiliar with, I'm always wondering, "What's that building...and that one...and that one over there?"

Realm, Buckhead Atlanta
Realm, Buckhead Atlanta
I guess I should have known that Realm is a residential building, based on the 30 stories of balconies alone, but I guess I saw an architectural feature, not the obvious 'where to hang out with a martini after a long day at the office' kind of feature. My bad.

If you're thinking of moving to Atlanta, check out the "views" album on Realm's website...that feature alone could totally sway my decision of where I would live. I love a skyline view!

Buckhead, Downtown, Midtown and numerous other neighborhoods in Atlanta and around the City have fantastic skyline views, so if that's your thing, shop around until you find one that "feels like home."

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