Thursday, April 25, 2013

Preview: Delta Heritage Museum

The Delta Heritage Museum, another of Atlanta's best kept secrets, is an aviation enthusiast's playground unlike any other in the Atlanta area...especially when you venture over to Hangar 2.

Delta DC-3 Ship 41, The Delta Heritage Museum
Delta DC-3 Ship 41, The Delta Heritage Museum
When you lay eyes on the gargantuan 767 that is The Sprit of Delta, the airline's first 767 later purchased by employees, retirees, and friends and donated back to the company, back in 1982, you know you've arrived.

I'm planning to visit the Museum next week and will share more about it then. Check out their website in the meantime!


Terry said...

Let us know how you get in.

Travis S. Taylor said...

Will do's pretty easy--just a phone call to get on Security's list (the Museum is on the Delta campus), but not all the street have signs, which is the challenging part!