Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, tourATLANTA!

tourATLANTA turns one year old today! 

"Thank you" to everyone who has supported this endeavor; it's truly appreciated.

I started tourATLANTA one year ago as a way to reconnect with the city I call "home." After living here for 15 years, I moved to Washington, DC (another city I love), but after nine years was incredibly homesick, so back to Atlanta I came—just over a year ago.

I knew the city had changed a lot over the nine years I was gone, so I immediately committed to writing a blog about being a tourist in force me to get out and explore. I'm an explorer by nature, but this commitment to write, photograph, and video tape, would ensure that I'd do these things regularly.

tourATLANTA has been one of the best adventures on which I've ever embarked. I've fallen even more in love with the city I call home and look forward to learning more about her over this next year.

Enjoy this video of 365 photographs that I've taken since this time last year. They depict a story of exploring Atlanta. This video shows some of the places I've toured, people I've met, celebrities I've hugged, places I've dined, things I've seen, and a cornucopia of curiosities throughout the area...all while working on tourATLANTA.

Again, thank you to everyone who has watched, read, commented, and offered kind words of support. Please continue to enjoy tourATLANTA and I'll continue sharing with you my tours of Atlanta.

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Terry said...

Congratulation. I'm ready for the next 366 (Leap Year). And more Wookies.