Friday, August 12, 2011

ATLANTApix: Different View? Look Up!

Promenade II
Promenade II
One of the things that I love about Atlanta architecture, much like its skyline, is that it offers many unique and interesting views. I mean, just walk half a block, drive around the corner, or walk up to the base of the building and you're looking at something totally different...and probably even more impressive.

The stainless steel "fins" on top of the Promenade II building, in the heart of Midtown, are a spectacular design element. During the day they give a depth of field that teases one's visual perception, but in a fun way. At night, they're absolutely brilliant and offer a glowing 3D effect that pronounces the outline of the ziggurat-like tapering spire.

While I'm writing about tourist attractions all over the city, anytime I need an architecture fix, I just pop over to Architecture Tourist, the wildly popular architecture blog authored by my buddy Terry Kearns. He always, always provides an interesting look at our city's architectural marvels.

So, when you're making your vacation photos, remember to look around and take more than one photo of the subjects that interest you (so much easier with digital cameras and phone cameras!). Look behind you, look right and left, look'll be surprised at some of the great shots you'll get.

ATLANTApix and ATLANTAvidz of the tourATLANTA blog features a daily photo or video relative to Atlanta. Come back tomorrow for a new one!

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