Friday, June 3, 2011

ATLANTApix: Old St. Philips' Windows

Cathedral of St. Philip Stained Glass Windows
Cathedral of St. Philip Stained Glass Windows
When I toured The Cathedral of St. Philip in February of this year, I was blown away by the beauty inside. This panel of stained glass windows (photo) was moved from the old St. Philips, to the current church and dedicated to the memory of Henrietta Mikell Jones.

The friend who took me on the tour is Episcopalian and helped ensure that I did not commit a faux pas while on unfamiliar territory. Although, to be perfectly honest, the tour guide(s) made all of us on the tour feel welcome...and a generous dose of decorum will prevent any potential faux pas.

The church's windows are absolutely stunning...their beauty radiates more than the sun rays shining through them.

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Terry said...

I didn't get there. Glad to see your pictures.