Friday, June 24, 2011

ATLANTApix: Rocking on the Front Porch

Rocking on the Front Porch
Rocking on the Front Porch
If before you visit Atlanta your imagination of what a Southerner does in their spare time includes rocking on the front're not too far off. Actually, I love rocking on the front porch...unfortunately, life priorities in a busy city like Atlanta doesn't leave a lot of time for rocking (except maybe for on the weekends when we tend to rearrange our priorities).

Throughout the city you'll see rockers on front porches...and you'll see them at various attractions (like the Carter Presidential Library), in restaurants, and even in some hotels. 

The rocking chairs in this particular photo are sitting on the front porch of the Archibald Smith Plantation home in Roswell, Georgia.

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