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Medieval Times has a new Queen!

There's a new Queen on the throne at Medieval Times Atlanta! While she may not sit upon an iron throne, from the very beginning she demonstrates—and you feel—that she rules her kingdom with an iron fist, perched high above the arena while graciously hosting her feast and tournament guests, as well as her knights and other loyal subjects.

The Queen | Photo credit: Medieval Times Atlanta
The Queen | Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Atlanta

You have the wonderful opportunity to meet the new Queen when you first arrive. As soon as you enter the Great Hall (the lobby) and have received your Medieval Times crown, you're invited to a photo-op with either the Queen or another member of the Royal Family. The Queen is an absolute royal delight. We had our photo made with her!

There's no obligation to purchase, but if you decided to, you can pick them up at the photo station after the show, or before the show depending on how early you arrive. And they're in a handsome gold frame ready to display!

Jousting | Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Atlanta
Jousting | Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Atlanta

My first Medieval Times experience was at the Atlanta Castle in 2013 and I've returned many, many times, approximately 1-2 times per year since. This particular visit was my first VIP upgrade and it was AWESOME! Among other fantastic royal treatments, we were seated on the front row! A truly spectacular view! 

The final season of Game of Thrones is now underway, making the experience all the more exciting. Fans are excited for a new season, but sad that it'll be the last. Fortunately, you can visit Medieval Times most days of the week, some Monday holidays, and there are even some matinees. My favorite time to go is Friday's a great way to unwind for the weekend! 

In Game of Thrones, you see jousting as early as the 4th episode in Season One. But at Medieval Times, you don't have to wait that long and it's live, up close and personal! They're fighting for their Queen, after all.

Medieval Times Atlanta | Photo: wanderlust ATLANTA
Medieval Times Atlanta | Photo: wanderlust ATLANTA

This is one of most fun "dinner and a show" experiences out there! 

Arrive early to enjoy a drink (with lots of souvenir glasses to choose from) and to explore the lobby, which features numerous suits of armor and a fire place the size of which I could stand in! 

You can also meet the falcon that will be in the show, see a live owl with one of the widest wingspans, and you even have the option of being knighted—lots of fun for those celebrating birthdays or other special occasions.

Medieval Times Atlanta | Photo: wanderlust ATLANTA
Medieval Times Atlanta | Photo: wanderlust ATLANTA
If you'd like wine with your dinner, you can pre-order it prior to the show and it'll be bought to your table. You can also buy a libations from your table, either beer, wine or cocktails.

The feast is exactly that...a FEAST! You'll be given a choice of beverage: soda, tea or water--you get two pours of that each. Then comes the piping hot "Dragon's Blood"! (tomato bisque). The buttery thick-slice toast is crunchy, delicious and great for sopping up your dragon's blood. The main course features Baby Dragon (half a roast chicken!), a Dragon Scale (roasted half potato), and corn on the cob. Dessert used to be a flaky baked pastry, but now it's...ICE CREAM! 

They even offer a vegetarian meal for those who wish to forego the dragon.

Tournament | Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Atlanta
Tournament | Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Atlanta

Before you enjoy the four-course feast and two-hour tournament, you might want to treat yourself to a little torture, literally. There's a "torture chamber" in the main lobby, guarded by a royal toll-taker (there's a modest fee for admission). I've visited stirs the imagination to say the very least!

After the tournament, head back into the lobby where you can make all the free photos you want with the knights that you just saw compete in the Queen's tournament! Get a photo with your favorite knight or all of them! Be sure to tag the photos you post on social media with #MTFan or #MTFans!

Be sure to explore the amply supplied gift shop where you can acquire a vast array or treasures ranging from a new tunic to a handsomely engraved long sword or perhaps your very own dragon. I have quite the handsome dagger from a previous visit and I keep eyeballing the full-size swords...I know one of those will be going home with me eventually. Probably two, to be honest!  

Travis Swann Taylor and Barry at Medieval Times Atlanta
Travis and Barry at Medieval Times Atlanta

My friend Barry went with me on this visit and we had a grand time! I've been to Medieval Times with many friends over the years, but most often with Barry. It's equally a fun 'guys night out' or a 'girls night out', or a family night out or a work team building can make it a fun evening out for any number of groups! Or "just because" is my favorite reason.

Just for clarification and not that it matters, what looks like a sash across my chest, is actually a Medieval Times pennant, which guests love waving furiously to celebrate their knight during the tournament, and it's complimentary with the VIP package. Please consider the VIP experience—worth every penny—but know that wherever you are seated in the arena, you're sure to have a great time! I have every single time I've been!

Enhance your Game of Thrones final season experience with a taste of the real thing, without the gore, of course, but with knights, equestrian beauty and grace, a generous dose of royal chivalry, and a beautiful new Queen! 

Go, be a knight or princess for an evening at Medieval Times Atlanta!

(I'd like to offer a huge wanderlust ATLANTA "Thank you!" to Medieval Times for the tickets and the VIP upgrade. All opinions are my own and are from my personal experience at Medieval Times.)

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