Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Little Trouble Is Fun!

If you've not yet discovered Little Trouble, grab a fun friend—or a few—and go!

Little Trouble | Nikki, aka @atlantafoodie
Little Trouble | Nikki, aka @atlantafoodie | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

On my second visit to Little Trouble, with Nikki—on our way to Actor's Express to see a show—a couple of other theatre enthusiast friends joined us for pre-show dinner and drinks. Nikki and I just had to make snapshots next to the "Little Trouble" sign.

This "destination"—it's more than a bar and more than a restaurant—is tucked away in burgeoning West Midtown, aka Westside. And there's free parking in the parking deck adjacent to Little Trouble. 

Calamari | Little Trouble
Calamari | Little Trouble | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

I fell in love with calamari when I lived in Greece and today I try it at most every restaurant I go to, if they offer it. The calamari at Little Trouble is amazing! The crispy seaweed strips are a fun garnish and the ponzu-calabrian dipping sauce is excellent! I could make this dish dinner and be perfectly happy.

Little Trouble, Atlanta
Little Trouble, Atlanta | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

I love the decor! I keep saying that it feels like I'm on the set of Blade Runner and others have likened it to Tron. It's wholly unique...I've seen nothing else in Atlanta that even approaches Little Trouble.

Daily Taco Special | Little Trouble
Daily Taco Special | Little Trouble | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

You won't see it on the online menu, but Chef offers a daily taco special! Always ask what the day's tacos are. The ones I've enjoyed so far have been amazing!

Salmon Bowl | Little Trouble
Salmon Bowl | Little Trouble | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

All their dishes are shareable, but the Salmon Bowl above was mine, all mine! Listen to this: crispy salmon, lobster broth, coconut red curry, bok choy and sticky rice. To say it's delicious would be an understatement!

Make a Little Trouble
Make a Little Trouble

Also on the menu is "Everything". Of course we (Nikki and I on our first visit) had to ask. The "Everything" is probably what you've said jokingly to more than one server when you see an awesome menu..."I'll have one of everything!" Yep...order an "Everything" and you get: one...of...everything! We're definitely going to do that on a future visit!

From the first visit, Little Trouble hit the top of my favorites list! Perhaps I'll see you there sometime soon!

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