Friday, October 2, 2015

One Man Star Wars is One Great Time!

About a week ago I discovered on Instagram that Charlie Ross was going to be in town to perform One Man Star Wars...I immediately purchased my ticket to see the show! I'd been to ART Station before, in Historic Stone Mountain Village, and I like the theater quite a lot...the staff are amazing! 

Getting to see a show I thoroughly enjoyed before—10 years ago—was such great fun!

Charlie Ross & Travis S. Taylor | One Man Star Wars | ART Station
Charlie Ross & Travis | One Man Star Wars | ART Station

Even after a totally high-energy performance, Charlie stuck around to hang out with fans and theater staff. I've met a lot of celebrities over the years, but it's rare that I'm star-struck...I get excited, but not star-struck. Meeting Charlie I found myself dumbfounded and totally star-struck!

But, Charlie quickly put me at ease and before I knew it we were laughing and cutting up like old friends who were just having a great time catching up.

Along the lines of "a long time ago..." (think opening of Star Wars), ART Station has a long and interesting history. In fact, more than 100 years ago, the building was a trolley station and street car barn. Today it's a multi-purpose, multi-experience destination!  

I wasn't familiar with the above video series, but it's a lot of fun. In the actual stage performance, Charlie performs all three movies in the original Star Wars Trilogy, all the major characters, all in 60 minutes...with zero props!

When I lived in Washtington, D.C., my friend Jay took me to see One Man Star Wars at Woolly Mammoth Theatre. That was something like 10 years ago! Charlie has performed at Woolly Mammoth a number of times and recalled it fondly. This was his third time performing the show in the Atlanta area.

The 501st and Rebel Legions | ART Station | One Man Star Wars
501st Garrison and Rebel Legion with Travis | ART Station

Members of the 501st Georgia Garrison and the Bespin Base Rebel Legion were on hand to greet visitors and pose for photos—totally awesome! But, when the young lady who made this photo using my phone turned it around to snap the shot, Chewy growled upon spotting the Star Trek symbol on my phone cover. Lucky for me he wasn't wielding a wrench!

Immediately after the show, Department 88, a genre-defying music duo that's "relevant, relatable, unique, strange, diverse, and humorous," performed an awesome hour-long set. These guys are incredibly talented! "Like" their Facebook page and go see them perform the first chance you get! 

Now, to to the present... 

Keep an eye on Charlie's One Man Star Wars website to see when he's coming to a performance venue near you. ALSO, keep an eye on ART Station's website for upcoming performances, events and other activities...there's a LOT going on here and it's a lot closer than you might think.

Thank you, Charlie, Department 88, 501st Georgia Garrison, Bespin Base Rebel Legion and ART Station for an awesome evening!

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